So You Sit Under the AC at Work—Here Are 20 Jackets for That


Style du Monde 

Okay, so summer is here—great—but there is one issue the warm weather brings that no one really discusses, and that is the issue of jackets. It's too hot to wear a full coat, plus it clashes with your cute summer look, but that tank top you're wearing isn't going to keep you from shivering when the temperatures drop later in the evening. Stereotypical summer clothes also won't protect you against the evil AC that seems to blast only on you at work. (Seriously, though, am I the only one who has a space heater on nearly 24/7 during the summer? Let me know.)

In an effort to solve this all-too-common issue, we have rounded up 20 jackets that are going to be your saving grace in these unfortunate do I jacket, do I not jacket moments. Having at least of few of these lightweight toppers on hand at all times will be more convenient than you realize. Basically, the next time you find yourself wondering what kind of jacket does one wear in the summer? You'll already know (and own) the answer.

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