6 "Boring" Zara Items Our Editors Always End Up Buying Anyway

The Best Zara Basics


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Just because something doesn't come in a bold color, have crystals dripping from it, or dance on command doesn't mean it can't be an exciting addition to your wardrobe. In the sartorial world, we like to call these more "boring" pieces basics, and it's these articles of clothing that build the backbone of our wardrobes. No, they might not be the most fun to shop for, but they are the pieces you reach for time and time again to enhance those more statement pieces. In other words, they are basically lifesavers. 

Now, spending a lot of money on things like T-shirts and tank tops can be hard to wrap your mind around, which is why all the editors at Who What Wear love heading to Zara to shop its go-to basics the affordable way. Ahead, you'll find out which "boring" basics these fashion editors always buy from Zara and why. From tailored trousers to everyday heels, the sum of the selection ahead equals one really well-stocked wardrobe, so get ready to stock up. 

"I love Zara’s basic tees and tanks. They’re so good and affordable and tend to come in multiple colors (although I always end up buying black and white)."

"I always turn to Zara for great affordable heels. The brand's shoe game is seriously strong." 

"I buy more knit tops than anything else from Zara. Generally speaking, I find that the quality and fit are pretty good, and the prices are low enough to stock up on my favorites."

"Whenever I walk into Zara I walk out with a… hoodie. I can’t get enough of them. Even if I already have five white hoodies, I definitely need another one. Zara always has a great color selection, different washes, and the fit is top notch—not too fitted and not too baggy. I wear them with skirts, jeans, leggings, shorts, everything. I'm addicted." 

"Blazers may be on the more boring end of the spectrum of things you can buy at Zara, but I find that the fit is usually on point. My tip is to look for ones that are in fabrics that inherently look expensive like linen or tweed. The polyester ones can veer a bit cheap looking, and steer clear of any pre-scrunched sleeves!"

"I love shopping at Zara for simple tailored trousers. I find that they can be really expensive elsewhere. The look of a crisp pant with even just a T-shirt is so chic, and I love knowing I secretly got the most elevated part of my look from Zara."

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