55 Affordable Winter Coats That Understood the Assignment

affordable winter coats



Confession: I'm in denial that the days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and the temperatures dropping. Yes, that means it's time to start dressing for winter weather. Even though I've just pulled out my cozy sweaters, it's now time to layer on a warm winter coat. As much as I love living in New York City, there's always a point where I struggle to whip up a cute winter outfit—partly because finding an affordable winter coat takes time.

Scouring online at Nordstrom and looking through Ssense's sale section is both the joy and bane of my existence. Luckily for you, I've done some digging to find the best affordable winter coats all under $350. Not only will they prevent you from catching a chill or spending all your hard-earned coins, but each find is also a reflection of the biggest coat trends of the moment, so you'll look hot and stay warm all winter long. 

Shearling Coats
affordable winter coats



I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Shearling is back. The material made a comeback on F/W 21 runways in the form of shearling bags, and of course, cute winter coats. But what I love most about this fabric is that its versatility allows it to exist on everything from a moto jacket to a trench coat, making it the easiest winter trend to adopt yet.

Shop affordable winter shearling coats:

It was love at first sight with this full-length chocolate coat.

Pretty please give me this pink shearling coat.

If you love Ugg boots, then this jacket is a must-buy.

The faux-shearling collar pops so much on this otherwise classic wrap coat.

Is it just me, or is the contrasting chocolate brown shearling on this coat drool-worthy? 

Warning: This coat may be more comforting than your childhood teddy bear.

I'd like to snuggle up by a fire in this coat, please and thank you.

I can envision wearing this to gather wood for the previously mentioned fire.

Not all shearling jackets have to be neutral-hued.

London is calling—and by that, I mean this coat.

Faux-Fur Coats
affordable winter coats



Another trend that's back (and I'm very much here for) is the resurgence of faux fur. From fuzzy hats to bags, faux fur can be found everywhere, including on some of the best cheap winter coats. Whether you want a little fuzz around the edges or to get truly funky with your fur jacket, there are a plethora of great coats to shop for right now.

Shop affordable winter faux-fur coats:

This faux-fur style can be worn for seasons to come.

This two-toned faux-fur Mango coat is giving me all the feels. 

Not all faux-fur jackets have to be so extra.

Is it a robe? Is it a teddy bear? Is it a coat? Answer: All of the above.

This is the type of faux-fur trim jacket I'd wear if I were in a band because it's that edgy.

Reformation must read minds because this is the fuzzy coat of my dreams.

The white scalloped contrasting faux-fur collar on this jacket is giving Chanel vibes. 

affordable winter coats



ICYMI, fellow editor Anna LaPlaca reported that peacoats are out here and poppin' again. Frankly, I get it. This signature multi-button coat is the posh outerwear that any devout minimalist or maximalist needs in their wardrobe.

Shop affordable winter coats:

This is the type of wool coat that will never go out of style.

The red hue has me in bloody tears. I need this.

TBH, I debated not putting this jacket in this story only because I don't want it to sell out before I can buy it.

I live for an excellent two-tone coat.

I can envision a royal wearing this houndstooth number.

A simple black peacoat is never a bad idea.

Madewell always comes through with dreamy yet functional outerwear.

Run, don't walk, because this overcoat is bound to sell out fast.

Of course, the perfect peacoat can be found at Aritzia.

Yes, I'd give all my money just to wear this green hue.

Leather Trench Coats
affordable winter coats



Leather is one of the most beloved winter-ready fabrics often worn by the fashion set. I can't blame them, though, since leather pants, leather suits, and colorful leather trenches are the elevated winter staples that make the cold bearable. Trust me when I say a leather trench coat will change your life.

Shop affordable leather trench coats:

Swap your black blazer for this trench, and tell me you're not feeling yourself.

If you're going to invest in a bright trench coat, then make it this one. I can attest to the fact that the fit is not only size-inclusive but also such good quality.

As a proud pink fanatic (and owner of this coat), I have to say this is worth every penny.

I can't promise winter won't be dark and gray, but this coat can help make it feel less depressing.

Leave it to Daily Paper to take a statement coat to a whole new level. 

This jacket is a wardrobe workhorse because it can be styled with just about anything.

This coat is as delectable as a creamy iced latte. 

Quilted Puffer Coats
affordable winter coats



If you've made it this far and you're still worried about feeling frigid this winter, allow us to introduce you to quilted puffer coats. This quirky style takes our warmest winter coats and gives them a dash of cottagecore with their intricate details and a taste of the clouds with their oversize fits. The result is a coat that you'll want to wear all winter.

Shop affordable winter quilted puffer coats:

Is it a comforter or a coat? Who cares, it's chic.

Since I can't have those cute full-body puffers you see on babies, I'll take this.

Have you ever seen a leather quilted puffer coat? Send help.

The Series quite literally takes old quilts and sleeping bags and turns them into puffer coats.

Can you sleep in this? Asking for a friend.