This Puffer Trend Is So 2018, But These Ones Are So Right Now

Back in 2018, it seemed like all anyone wore, talked about, or posted was really, really big puffer jackets. It was almost as if the puffier your jacket was, the more street cred you had. Influencers, celebrities, and fashion girls alike took to the trend with ease and excitement as they proudly walked down the street nearly knocking everyone over in the process. This extra-large puffer trend emerged at the peak of when trends felt more like a shock factor than a way of dressing. I mean, back in 2018, this look was probably styled with micro sunglasses and chunky Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, and that was something we considered normal? 

Luckily (depending on who you ask), the fashion industry has started to shift away from all the frills and gimmicks toward a more stylized and wearable set of collections and trends that won't get you weird stares as you walk around outside. But to bring it back to puffers—an extremely relevant topic considering we are now entering the coldest time of the year—if the oversize puffer was so 2018, the tonal plain puffer you can wear with literally anything is so right now.

We aren't even that far into winter and already the fashion set is whipping out simple puffers and styling them in ways that are actually approachable. Complete with warm color palettes of creams, tans, browns, and more, all of those crazy-colored, patterned puffers that fit in no closet I've ever seen suddenly feel obsolete. This new wave of puffers also includes puffer vests, which I personally feel will be a fresh update to my all too often repetitive winter wardrobe

Ahead, see exactly what this new wave of puffer dressing and styling is all about, and shop 18 of the best ones on the market should you want to buy into the trend. 

Cream on cream (especially in different textures) creates one of the best winter outfits around. 

This puffer is basically a bite-size chocolate bar.

This look is proof you can still wear your summer clothes in the winter so long as you style them with a warm puffy coat. 

Best Puffer Jackets



If the inner hypebae in you is sad to see the decline of the oversize puffer, swap it out for a puffer vest. Clearly, the look reads hype vibes all around.

Nanushka's vegan leather cannot be beaten. 

Stay warm and bright all winter long with this shiny rose gold number. 

Best Puffer Jackets



Go tonal with a head-to-toe neutral look. If you're in need of some inspiration, Ryan here is the one-stop shop for all outfits creamy and cinnamony.  

It's hard not to love a quilted bomber jacket. 

A winter look doesn't have to require a tailored coat in order to be polished. Throw a plain puffer over a suit and you'll still look just as sleek.

Faux leather has never looked better.

Now this is how you wear black on black in the winter. 

Icy, but only on the outside.

Best Puffer Jackets



Another tonal look to further convince you to try a monochromatic look the next time you have no idea what to wear.

Best Puffer Jackets



I don't know who needs to see this, but you're welcome. 

City commuters will appreciate the extra-long collar on this coat. 



A brightly-colored puffer is a great way to amp up the volume on an otherwise everyday look.  

This jacket comes in so many flattering colors. 

Best Puffer Jackets



One more sleek and extremely wearable puffer outfit for good measure. You know, since you'll be wearing one for months on end. 

Never lose your winter puffer again in this affordable standout style. 

This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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