Profiled: How Rihanna’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Built an Empire

Rihanna isn't hurting for big designer names in her wardrobe, but when it comes to her jewelry collection, one name reigns supreme among them all: Jacquie Aiche. (The pop star's so obsessed with Aiche's designs that she even partnered with the designer on a line of jewelry-inspired body art earlier this year.)

But RiRi is far from the only celebrity client Aiche counts as a fervent follower; Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo loves her work, as do Diane Kruger, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, and countless other stylish ladies. But like many of the career success stories we've chronicled here on Who What Wear, Aiche wasn't always such a household name in the celebrity style world.

"When I started the collection, it was just a hobby. I always told people I wasn’t a designer," the Los Angeles–based designer tells Who What Wear. "Then throughout the years the line just created a life of its own—I got married and started having babies and I didn’t want to work retail anymore, and that's when I took my collection to my garage and just started working." 

Two years later, Aichie debuted what is now considered her trademark piece: the finger bracelet. "That really was when the wildfire started," Aiche recalls. "I was always about the art of layering, and with the finger bracelet I just wanted to add another kind of layer."

Soon, Rihanna took notice and swiftly became one of Aiche's major supporters, and Aiche saw her business skyrocket. She became more and more inspired, and started creating more and more pieces to keep up with a growing demand.  

"The collection is so large that anybody can come into my showroom and create her own story—it’s just the Jacquie Aiche effect, it’s really about how women want to wear it," she says. "It’s not about me—I’m always behind the scenes. It’s about the JA Tribe."

With so much demand for her work, how does Aiche stay focused and inspired? One step at a time.  

"I really just focus on creating one piece at a time," she says. "The jewelry industry, and fashion as a whole, is so oversaturated. And it’s all so accessible so fast, through Instagram everything becomes worldwide so fast. You have to stay creative, and you have to keep reinventing yourself. I do seclude myself in my own world, because if I get on social media too much, I just get lost in it. You have to kind of stay in your bubble. Keep your focus."

Because of all her big-name fans, you might assume the designer would change up her workspace and move out of the garage where she started it all nearly 10 years ago. Not so! "In the beginning, there were just two of us in the garage, and I still work out of my old home that I turned into my showroom here in Beverly Hills. I’m still in the garage," she confides. "It’s updated, but it’s still the garage."

If her garage is good enough for Rihanna, it's definitely good enough for us. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite Jacquie Aiche pieces now! 

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