6 Ways to Wear Leggings When It's Ridiculously Hot Out

No clothing item seems quite as pervasive these days as a good pair of leggings. With the advent of athleisure, they're no longer just the go-to for a trip to the gym, but also for a coffee run and even a cross-continental flight. But come summer, we face the tough dilemma: Can we pull them off when it's scorching outside? Will we be overcome by our own leg sweat? How do you wear leggings in the summer? It's a question we need answered.

Judging by example, there are ways to make these all-purpose pants work for you even when the temperatures soar. Bottom line: It's all about styling. We looked to some of the biggest legging advocates for inspiration, stars such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner who have proved time and time again that you can really wear them for any occasion. Prepare to be inspired, and breathe easy knowing you won't have to give up your go-to piece this season. Read on for a few ways to wear leggings in the summer.