13 Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes, Inspired by Pinterest

You may not have a fantasy walk-in at your disposal (yet!), but with some creativity on your side, a dream shoe closet is not far off.

How to organize your shoes comes down to thinking outside the box and utilizing unique spaces you may not have considered before. In fact, we found 13 wow-worthy ways to store and display your favorite footwear, no matter the size of your apartment or house.

From gallery-esque setups and repurposing furniture you already own to crafty shoe storage ideas, keep reading for all the awesome tricks.

Shelf Life


Image by Brittany Ambridge for Domino

Instead of hiding your beautiful shoes behind closed doors, place them on shelves around your room—they are works of art, after all!

Tip: Keep the shoe styles consistent on each shelf and space them evenly so they don’t appear cluttered.




Storing your shoes in boxes will not only lead to a more organized closet overall, but it will also ensure your footwear remains in pristine condition

Tip: For easy access, take a photo of the pair of shoes and tape it to the front of its box.

Outside the Box


Thea’s Mania

This colorful storage idea has “DIY expert” written all over it. Just grab wood crates at your local hardware store or make them yourself.

Tip: For a dimensional effect, try different-size boxes.

Front to Back



This organizational tip is particularly handy for those with floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves. By having one shoe facing forward and the other backward, you can see the style and heel height at a glance.

Tip: For a visually pleasing outcome, organize the shoes by color as well.

Glass Case of <strike>Emotion</strike> Shoes



If you don’t have much closet space, be creative with any extra furniture you may have. A glass cabinet can easily double as a shoe closet.

Tip: To avoid overcrowding, only showcase seasonally appropriate footwear and put the rest in storage.

Lateral Thinking


Nina Holst for Stylizimo

This unconventional display is great for showcasing statement heels and serves as chic décor in a vintage-influenced bedroom.

Tip: Look for a wooden ladder at the flea market.

Mix and Match


Adore Magazine

Make like The Coveteur and fill your bookshelf with a hodgepodge of stylish goodies, including shoes, bags, jewelry, and fashion books.

Tip: The display should serve as a reflection of your personal style, so if you’re a neutrals-only kind of gal, stick to black and white hues.

Living Spaces



If your shoe collection is worth showing off, take it out of the bedroom and into the living room. Note: This really only works if you have built-in shelving.

Tip: Incorporate household items into the mix to give the space some artistic flair.

Left Hanging



Boots—especially winter styles—can take up a lot of space in your closet, which is why we recommend hanging them. This method helps free up floor space while also storing your boots safely and compactly.

Tip: Head over to The Container Store for various boot hangers.

The Stiletto, the Boot, and the Wardrobe



We love the idea of taking a conventional armoire and making it a surprise shoe closet.

Tip: If you’re going to stack the shoes, make sure you put the bigger styles in the back and flats up front.

Everything in Its Place


Lars Tornøe via Danish Design Store

If you tend to rotate between a few pairs of shoes, keep them in an open bookcase display by the door so you can quickly grab them on your way out.

Tip: Avoid clutter by assigning a maximum of two pairs to each cubbyhole.

Up the Wall


Babble via Apartment Therapy

Not a fan of bulky shelves? Try hanging your heels on crown molding. This space-saving storage trick is chic and unexpected, earning major points in our book.

Tip: Sorry, but this is not for the wedge-loving gal.

Come Full Circle


Cookie Loves Milk

​This easy DIY project involves gluing multiple PVC “cells” together to create a shoe rack.

Tip: Make sure the diameter of the PVC is bigger than the height of your tallest heels.

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