How to Clean Your Jewelry With Household Products

From layering up on gold pendants to accessorizing pretty much any outfit with the coolest statement earrings, we always consult our jewelry box staples to finish off all our outfits. If you love a good piece of jewelry as much as we do, then you know the importance of keeping each piece as clean and sparkling as possible. You would think we would want to take extra-good care of the diamonds, platinum, gold, and whatever other investment pieces we accessorize with—but more often than not, cleaning jewelry often finds itself way down toward the bottom of our fashion to-do lists.

If making trips to your local jeweler isn’t exactly your idea of an ideal Saturday either, we’ve got some useful solutions for you. Did you know that you can actually clean your jewels with household products? Believe it or not, there are five items you probably have in your home as we speak—and if you too keep the occasional six-pack of beer in your fridge, you’re about to learn how to clean jewelry by putting that beer collection to good use. Yes, you read that correctly. Beer (along with another common hard liquor) is among the easiest ways to clean off tarnished golds, silvers and other common jewelry metals. You might be wondering if these unexpected items are safe to use on your fine jewelry, too, and the answer is yes—club soda does wonders for your diamonds and other precious stones.

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This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Anna LaPlaca.