Don't Want Your Bag to Go Out of Style? Buy This

At the top of our current most wanted list? A new bag. These days, we're looking to invest in quality items that are not just built to last, but equal parts chic and timeless (you know, so we don't have those What were we thinking? moments a year in). Enter Hobo Bags, the indie-chic accessories brand we've been relying on lately. Unlike many other regrettable handbag purchases we've made over the years, they actually look better over time, as the leather softens and acquires character through natural wear and tear.

We're not alone in our love affair with these bags, either. Two of our favorite bloggers, Maddie Greer and Rebecca Laurey, have been making Hobo bags a staple in their day-to-day wardrobes too. Ahead, see how these fashionable friends wear their bags, including the street style–ready outfits they're styling them with for fall.

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