9 Gucci Pieces That Meghan Markle Would Approve Of

Meghan Markle wearing a wide-brim hat



Since becoming engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has worn a variety of brands, but it was the Gucci bag she recently started carrying that really got people buzzing, since it happens to be one of the hottest brands. You probably won't see Markle in a logo tee or a pair of quirky shoes anytime soon, but there are plenty of Gucci pieces that would fit right into Markle's royal wardrobe, and we found them.

Among our picks are bags, shoes, shades, and more, all of which are subdued enough for her position but chic enough for someone who already has a major influence on what women wear and buy. We've heard that Markle buys her own clothes, so if you spot her wearing any of these pieces in the future, we're taking credit! Shop our Markle-inspired Gucci picks below.

Markle is probably stocking up on hats, since it's often customary to wear one in the UK.

These would look quite elegant with the aforementioned hat.

Markle has already proven her love for tailored trousers.

Available in sizes IT 36 to 48.

This vintage-inspired clutch's logo is just subdued enough.

Towering pumps are pretty much all she wears for official appearances.

Available in sizes 35.5 to 42.

We could picture Markle accessorizing a black sheath dress with this.

She's worn both aviators and round frames in the past, so these are the best of both worlds.

We're convinced that Markle would make this her new everyday bag if she owned it (and was actually in need of an everyday bag).

These have major honeymoon potential.

Available in sizes 34 to 42.

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