The Gilmore Girls Wear These Labels, According to the Show's Costume Designer

If we’re being completely honest, next week’s big Thanksgiving plans mostly revolve around when we can binge-watch all of Gilmore Girls. And we know we’re hardly alone on this one. But in an interview with the show’s original and current costume designer, Brenda Maben, The Hollywood Reporter claims we can expect to see some very specific fashions on both Lorelei and Rory.

“Rory has been traveling the world and writing and spending a lot of time in Europe — that’s reflected in her clothing,” Maben says to THR, confirming that she “used a little bit of Burberry and Nanette Lepore, and Tory Burch shoes.” In other words, she’s still the same classic, feminine, and polished girl we knew, but has a real penchant for lovely tailoring. However when it comes to her mom, Lorelei, Maben says her slightly more casual look hasn’t transformed a ton either but has grown up as she’s become more successful. Namely, she swapped blue jeans for black. 

For the most obsessed of GG fans, the report also notes there’s also a very nostalgic fashion item making a return in the form of Lorelei's pink Guess coat. “In the original series, she had a pink coat that was pretty famous. I just thought it was kind of fitting that it ties in with the previous episodes so that fans could get a first look and feel like there she is. She’s still Lorelai,” Maben explains.  

Click over to The Hollywood Reporter for more tidbits on the Gilmore Girls costumes, and scroll down to take a peek yourself.



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