The Ultimate Generation Z Gift Guide: 50 Items That Are Definitely Cool Enough


Courtesy of Wildflower, Glossier, Ugg, Converse, Urban Outfitters, Dior

If you're on TikTok, you may have happened to scroll past many gift guide videos all set against the cheeriest holiday songs. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but it seems like everyone's ready for December. While I don't celebrate Christmas or the other holidays that happen around this time of the year, I still found myself perusing through the #ChristmasWishList hashtag on the app for nothing but personal amusement in my free time, and thought I'd gather my finds for you to shop from in one place.

After watching what seems like 100 videos and using my own preferences and gift-giving skills to navigate through the most popular retailers, I rounded up 50 of the best items to create the ultimate Generation Z gift guide. Whether you're looking to shop for a Gen Z person in your life or you just happen to align with the more youthful aesthetic and want some shopping inspiration for yourself, then you've come to the right place.

As a Gen Z myself, I ended up adding some products from below to my own personal shopping wish lists. Yep, they're that good. From $14 to $400, there's a variety of price points to choose from in this mix. I'm warning you—these products will sell quickly, especially as we get closer and closer to the holidays. 

Fun scarves are just the thing needed to brighten up a dreary winter day.

After seeing over 20+ videos hyping this product up, I've been influenced.

Generation Z is obsessed with anything Y2K, and what's more Y2K than a Coach bag?

Personalized gifts are always the best. 

Converse were on almost every gift guide video I watched, so it's safe to say it's a very wanted option.

Ready to fit all your beauty essentials.

There's a reason why these are holiday best sellers.

I already have this in green and brown, so the pink one is next on my wish list.

Considering Martha Calvo was the inspo for many DIY projects this summer, why not gift the real deal?

There's not one cool beauty-obsessed girl that won't appreciate this.

I rely on this jacket every winter.

Lined with sherpa and covered in strawberries. What's not to love?

This one sells out every time the brand restocks.

The cutest little tee.

Smiley-face slippers to put a smile on your face all around the house. 

If you've seen the film Knives Out, you know what scene this sweater reminds you from.

Why not add a fun print to your regular hair accessory?

Perfect to pair with thick white socks.

There's always room for a pair of fun, printed pajamas.

A cute addition to any room. 

Add this celebrity-loved bag to your cart while it's still on sale.

At least the weather's turned to sweater weather!

The one pair of New Balances that I could find that actually has a majority of sizes available (for now).

Matching sets are always a good idea.

Anyone will appreciate this—it'll give them a reason to just dedicate a few minutes of their morning to mindfulness.

The reviews speak for themselves.

This comes in four other colors to choose from.

I've gifted this too many times to count, and everyone is always a fan.

Earrings made for everyday wear.

I'm not a huge sports girl, but this just adds to an outfit, you know?

The most-wanted products from Charlotte Tilbury in one set.

Everyone needs a classic pair of white sneakers. Nike just happens to make the best.

This has been in my beauty cabinet for years. Your chapped lips will thank you—trust me.

These are pricier on the resale market, but they'll make you the best gift giver ever.

I'm terrible at drinking water, but having a solid water bottle always helps. (Plus, this one keeps your water cool all day long.)

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