The Way to a Fashion Person's Heart Is Through These 71 Gifts—Guaranteed

I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to gifting fashion girls, the "it's the thought that counts" excuse doesn't really work. More likely, this type of recipient knows exactly what they want to unwrap during the holidays, right down to the color, size, and retailer they'd like you to buy it from. The only problem is that they might not tell you these things outright, but rather, hope you just know. That's why this year, I decided to save you the hurt. The holidays, after all, are stressful enough.

To ensure that every item on your closest fashion friend's wishlist, whether you're privy to it or not, gets checked off, I spent a chunk of my day scrolling through hundreds of potential gifts. A good five hours later, I'd successfully rounded up 71 options that are guaranteed to go over smoothly with even your most stylish best friend, S.O., your sister, or super-cool aunt. Scroll down to shop them all.

It'll be well into 2023 before I get over the fact that this bag is only $56.

I'd be willing to bet that these are the next It Uggs. 

Street style meets sporty style with these unique oversize sunglasses.

Four Who What Wear editors own this collar and counting. Who's next? 

A must for anyone who loves a pretty home.

If you're not sure what shade to go with, always go with clear. They can experiment underneath. 

I'm partial to styling these under jeans and letting them peek out, but around the house is cool too. 

Please excuse me while I try with all my might to think of a better gift than this. 

Buy these for that person who loves to make a statement.

This is how you make laundry day appear glamorous. 

The holidays are the perfect time to either buy yourself something utterly glamorous or get it for someone you love. 

There's nothing better than receiving a gift that you would have otherwise had to go out and purchase yourself. 

Who wouldn't want these cute mixed-metal rings?

Nothing feels quite as luxe as waking up in a matching pajama set. 

This shade feels very Hailey Bieber to me, which alone will make me buy it for myself and everyone I know. 

The chicest way to wear sweatpants. 

Now to force your best friend who always overpacks to finally test out the vacuum-sealed bag hack. 

I suggest they put it on before stating any opinions on the quality of the gift. 

A small but mighty gift if I've ever seen one. 

Who says staying warm can't look chic? 

This feels a lot fresher than your average initial necklace.

Imagine unwrapping this. My jaw would be on the floor. 

The only thing I love more than trinkets are chic vessels to put them.

This sweater might look simple, but the styling possibilities are truly endless. 

Now all I can think about is how cute pistachios would look in this glass bowl. 

Sometimes getting someone a gift is as easy as stocking up on the recipient's most-worn wardrobe item. 

Okay fine, it's me who wants this dress. Anybody listening? 

These are perfect for that one friend that hates having the same color that everyone else has. 

There's always room on my coffee table for a good fashion book. 

These aesthetically pleasing lipsticks already have a major cult following among beauty lovers.

Don't wait to buy this jacket, whether you plan to gift it or keep it for yourself. I have a feeling it won't stay in stock for long. 

I don't know about you guys, but I always have room for another decorative object.

I believe the word you're looking for is smitten. 

If I don't walk into the New Year in these, well, let's just say it's not going to be a great 2023.

I'd argue that if they're good enough for Kendall Jenner, your best friend will probably love them too. 

Gift the gift of looking expensive.

These are giving "never take me off" vibes.

Tip: Gift this anklet alongside the above orange socks. They'll look great styled together. 

It's ridiculous how much a person can want two wooden salad spoons. 

One can never have too many pairs of loafers. 

For your most in-the-know fashion friend. 

Fashion girls everywhere are wearing these with loafers lately. 

Anything Elsa Hosk makes will go over well, guaranteed.

If they hate pretty things, don't get them this Gucci nail polish. 

It's going to be a long winter. Don't make your loved ones spend it in uncomfortable underwear. 

Shopping for a homebody friend? This blanket will look and feel outrageously good. 

It's not a regular candle. It's a tomato-scented Loewe candle. 

Not your average winter hat for not your average fashion friend.