Viral Alert: Every Winter Trend That's Blowing Up Your FYP

TikTok's algorithm is a powerful thing in that it's able to predict the exact sort of content we're craving at precisely the moment we want to see it. (It's no wonder the Gen Z–favorite platform has over one billion users.) Knowing that, I can't exactly act surprised that my entire FYP is currently made up of trendy winter outfits that are just waiting to be copied now that the temperatures are starting to drop. And if you too split your time between online shopping and scrolling on TikTok, I'm sure that your feed looks similar.

Naturally, I decided to dig deeper, increasing my screen time in order to find out which winter trends were the most prevalent on the platform. Now that I've narrowed down the list, it felt only fitting that I share my findings with you. There's comfort in solidarity after all. Scroll down to shop the seven winter trends that are taking up the most space on my TikTok FYP, not to mention in my mind.

Shackets, or shirt-jacket hybrids, aren't just wildly popular on TikTok for winter—they're blowing up everywhere else too. The draw? They're cozy, warm, and perfect for layering, not to mention extremely elevated and stylish. Can you tell we're obsessed with shackets? 

Shop the trend:

A shacket can make even the laziest of outfits look stylish.

Clearly, the matching miniskirt is a must as well.

Shop the matching Edie Miniskirt ($125).

Oatmeal is the ultimate winter color.

A shacket coat is a step above. 

Vibrant Puffers Winter TikTok Trend



Puffers for winter aren't exactly new or groundbreaking, but on TikTok, it isn't the neutral shades we're used to seeing (think black, light gray, off-white, and chocolate brown) that are reigning supreme. Rather, the big shades for winter are vibrant and saturated, with reds, greens, yellows, and blues looking to be the big winners.

Shop the trend:

The wavy design makes this highlighter puffer even more of a statement piece.

Speaking of wavy patterns, this moiré print is going to be huge for winter. 

We're clearly obsessed with green right now. 

Camo Pants Winter TikTok Trend



No, we're not kidding. Camo pants—not to mention jackets and miniskirts—are making a huge comeback this winter, especially on TikTok. In my opinion, they must be paired with some sporty sunglasses and a chunky pair of boots, but you already knew that. 

Shop the trend:

Honestly, why haven't we been wearing camo pants all this time?

Fuzzy Hats Winter TikTok Trend



Goodbye, beanies. Hello, fuzzy and furry bucket hats. This genre of cozy headgear has been trending in fashion for quite some time now, but it appears to have hit its stride on TikTok of late, with basically every fashion-minded user on the platform donning one of these atop their heads. Stay warm, kids. 

Shop the trend:

How to make faux fur look casual and not over-the-top.

This color somehow looks good with everything.

You can never go wrong with a leopard-print hat, especially on TikTok.

Another furry friend to add to your winter wardrobe, according to TikTok? Fuzzy-collar coats circa the '70s. Of course, we really have Saks Potts to thank for this trend. However, more and more brands are catching on to the style, as are our favorite content creators on the platform. Oh, how we love a throwback trend. 

Shop the trend:

If this coat isn't already on your winter wish list, then it should be. 

Why not make it faux fur and bubblegum pink?

This brown-and-black color combo is so chic.

Leather Blazers Winter TikTok Trend



Leather and faux-leather blazers have become as much a staple in our wardrobes as moto styles of late, especially among the style stars on TikTok. Plus, because a leather style is much warmer than your standard-issue blazer, these will keep you warm and toasty throughout the chillier months. 

Shop the trend:

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this choice.

This color is so buttery and luxe.

Low-Rise Trousers Winter TikTok Trend



What list of TikTok fashion trends would be complete without a low-rise moment? Recently, the app's fashion elite have been adding trousers to their mix of low-rise jeans, either folding over a pair of Dickies to make them low-rise or going straight to the real thing and buying pants that are designed to sit low on the waist. Love 'em or hate 'em, low-rise pants are here to stay.  

Everyone needs to run to Free People to snag a pair of these.

Zara, we beg of you, please make these in every color. 

The little thong detail only makes these chicer.

Size up if you want an even slouchier look.