Mother's Day Is Coming in Hot, so I Asked 8 Moms What's on Their Wish Lists


Courtesy of Ciara; Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley; Courtesy of Lauren Santo Domingo

Mother's Day is one of the most underrated holidays that exists. Nothing is better than having an excuse to spend some extra time with your mom and show her the appreciation she deserves. While quality time is one of my favorite ways to show appreciation, being in a long-distance relationship with mom requires a stellar gift, so I've been on the hunt for something good. I figured there was no one better to ask than the women who I look up to and admire the most, so I got to ask them.

Cynthia Rowley said it best: For mothers, this special day is better than "Christmas or [her] birthday combined." My favorite thing about the gifts from the mothers interviewed for this story is that a lot of them included experiences, special favors, and time spent together. You really don't have to rack up a check to give your mother something that makes her feel special. Read on to find out what these talented and successful women are excited to give and receive this Mother's Day.


Courtesy of Ciara

"My gift-guide picks are designed to make sure all the moms out there feel celebrated. I love the idea of gifts that are functional and high quality so they will last a long time."

Shop Ciara's gift ideas:

"Made from a super-soft, luxurious, and recycled cashmere, this oversize scarf is essential for travel and everyday use. Nothing says love like wearing it proudly."

"For a new or expecting mom looking for ways to empower their children to dream big from the get-go, this book is a great way to help every child see that their possibilities are limitless!"

Shop the matching Human First Movement Jogger Printed ($78).

"For the lazy days when moms need a break but still want to look stylish doing it, this gender-neutral lounge set is the perfect comfy fit, and you can feel good gifting this to your mom knowing that this product gives back to Active Minds, a next generation–focused nonprofit dedicated to changing the way we talk about mental health."


Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

"Thanks so much for asking about my favorite holiday! I love it more than Christmas or my birthday combined! :)

"My wish list is all about experiences with my girls:

1) A plane ticket anywhere! I love traveling with my girls. We each pack a carry-on only, and when we run out of clothes, we start swapping. I love a big, far-flung adventure, but I've sort of worn out my girls with some crazy, semi-dangerous trips, so now, they opt for beachy surf getaways that might include a little pampering. I'm always up for anything.

2) A simple brunch followed by a girls' trip to the salon for a mani-pedi. As long as we're together, we always have fun.

3) Last Mother's Day, my younger daughter made me a book of gift certificates—empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, fold the laundry, give Ziggy (our dog) a bath, make dinner, etc. Since I used all those up in about a month … I'd love another!!"


Courtesy of Lauren Santo Domingo
Shop Lauren Santo Domingo's gift ideas:

"I don't think there could be a better gift for anyone, like myself, who has recently binged Bridgerton season two than this Hermès picnic set. Ideally, someone else (read: my children and husband) is picking up the sandwiches and setting it all up."

"I myself am not a 'wine mom.' But I totally get it. And could there be anything more perfect for her than a five-day trip to Napa Valley? Note: Hangover IV on day six not included."

"Mother of… serpents. Sidney Garber's diamond snake necklace is an unexpected alternative to a necklace personalized with children's names (not my style) and looks especially chic worn over knits."


Courtesy of Felita Harris

"A mother's job is never done, and it's a lifelong journey full of interesting plot twists. I'm so grateful for the one day (outside of an award ceremony) that we're celebrated for sacrificing our lives.  

"There are three things that I absolutely love to do on Mother's Day: relax, celebrate, and indulge."

Shop Felita Harris's gift ideas:

"Relax: The Peninsula Spa in New York is a quiet retreat that will leave your soul feeling specially cared for and skin aglow. The customized serums, glass-surrounded indoor pool, steam room, and excellent staff are enough to make you pack several bags and move in."

"Celebrate: Champagne is one of the greatest inventions ever made. Thanks to Madame Clicquot, 'Grande Dame of Champagne,' we have the best bottles to toast and celebrate our insightful motherhood journeys. Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2008 is one of my favorites."

"Indulge: What's better than drinking champagne? Drinking champagne out of a wine glass will release the aroma and flavor. Trust me—you'll never turn back. Mix it up on Mother's Day by gifting stemware from Estelle. Colorful, elegant, and sensual."


Courtesy of Jessie Randall

"Number one gift is always something made by my kids—a drawing, a poem, something from the pottery studio. These are the most precious treasures always. After that, I have a few other ideas."

Shop Jessie Randall's gift ideas:

"A personalized XL Pouch from Lewis with name or initials on it. I use these pouches always to organize while I travel, to hold my makeup, etc., and they are even more special with a name on them or even the word 'mama.'"

"Flowers by Design book by my friend Ingrid of Tin Can Studios, plus a lovely vase and some flowers to play around with. I love a gift that allows me to learn and be creative."

"This is my favorite necklace we make. It's so pretty and special."


Courtesy of Amber Asher
Shop Amber Asher's gift ideas:

"This Korean face mask is a game changer. In 20 minutes, it tightens, smooths, and lifts your skin at home—a very convenient option for someone with a busy schedule."

"These R13 jeans are my newest obsession. I dress them up with heels and a blazer for the office or a night out or throw them on with sneakers to run to the grocery store. They are so comfortable, cute, and never feel tight."

"As someone who is very into astrology and healing modalities, I recently had a virtual astrology session with Lori Bell, our own good witch of The Standard Spa, Miami, where she studies your astrological chart and gives you a deeper understanding of why we do what we do and feel what we feel. This session is the perfect gift for a mom who has everything."


Courtesy of Nicole Berrie
Shop Nicole Berrie's gift ideas:

"For me, motherhood is all about putting your oxygen mask on first. I wrote Body Harmony to heal any old wounds that we as women have taken on when it comes to nourishing ourselves. My intention is that anyone, especially mothers, will use these tools to help nourish themselves but also the ones depending on them to become independent, self-loving individuals ready to navigate the world when they are ready."

"This mat was my quarantine all-star the past few years, and I would recommend it to anyone! Amazing when mama can't get out of the house for a workout, all you need is 20 min, and you're in a deep sweat!"

"The chicest blender on the market, I love making my Bonberi Green Smoothie in here. It's super effective and surprisingly quiet for when the kiddos are napping."


Courtesy of Monica Rich Kosann
Shop Monica Rich Kosann's gift ideas:

"I love the Dorothy Medallion as a Mother's Day gift. Being a mom is a hard job. This medallion has the words 'You had the power all along, my dear' inscribed. Your mom needs to be reminded that she has the power and is doing a great job!"

"I am obsessed with this oil from Costa Brazil. It smells so good! It's the perfect self-care gift for moms. I sprinkle it into my baths, use it for my hands, and use a tiny bit on my hair to keep it shiny."

"Gift your mom a four-image locket. It's like a storybook. You can fill the pages with all her loved ones, secrets, and celebrations. We have a locket bar app on our website that lets you fill your locket with images or phrases from home so that it's truly personal."

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