You Won't Catch French Women Wearing These Items Post-30


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It goes without saying that French women of all ages are chic (but we say it all the time anyway). It's easy to just use "all French women" as a blanket statement, so sometimes, we like to delve into the specific nuances of French style, one of which is how French women's style changes upon turning 30. Being in my 30s myself, this topic is of particular interest to me, so I was eager to reach out to some of the most stylish French women I know to get a little firsthand insight.

Sabina Socol, Marta Cygan, Sarah Nait, Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui, and Tokyobanhbao have a combined Instagram following of 360K, so it's safe to say that women across the world are obsessed with what they have to say and what they wear. They each have a unique take on French style, which made their answers to the following question even more intriguing: What are the items and trends that French women over age 30 avoid wearing?

Keep scrolling to find out, straight from cool French women themselves, and shop polished pieces that we think French women over 30 would love.


"In a certain way, 30 is the new 20! I don't think women in their 30s give up anything specifically in terms of sartorial choices. It's more of a 'getting to know yourself better' kind of situation. When you're 20, you're experimenting with a variation of styles and you're more into following trends, whereas when you get in you 30s, you've learned what suits you and stick to your go-to items while adding a little twist with the accessories. Also, I don't believe in 'forbidden' things (prints, length, etc.) when it comes to outfit choices after a certain age. It all comes down to knowing how to accessorize: a French women in her 30s will probably still rock that crop top, she'll just pair it with a chic super high-waisted pant and an oversize blazer to give it a '70s vibe (whereas a girl in her 20s would have worn it with short shorts)." — Sabina Socol


"A french woman upon 30 buys consciously timeless pieces. Her wardrobe is not following a specific style or trend, it's more about elegant, well-chosen pieces like old jeans and this thing about never trying too hard to be sexy or classy that we call je ne sais quoi." — Marta Cygan


"Non-matching socks or lingerie. Now, I want to be perfectly well dressed from head to toe—more for myself than for the others. Also, booty shorts—they're not appropriate when you want to look mature." — Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui


"I've noticed French women post-age 30 give up wearing flashy colors (like neon), or [very] distressed jeans or clothes. Women over 30 tend to wear something much more minimalistic with a better cut and maybe more elegant fabric." — Tokyobanhbao

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