The Instagram Accounts Every French Girl Follows

We look to France’s leading ladies for outfit inspiration, and, well, lessons in being effortlessly chic (how do they do it?). So, obviously, we've made sure to add the roster of Parisian It girls to our Instagram feeds. But recently we got to thinking: Who is it that inspires the women who inspire us? We did a little investigating and rounded up a handful of the Instagram accounts French It girls follow. That way, you can double-tap along knowing your favorite trendsetters are doing the same.

Read on for a look at the Instagrams to follow now!

Followed by: Jeanne Damas, Camille Rowe.

If you're all about bell-bottoms, big hair, and the phrase "groovy," this retro site will offer plenty of throwback inspiration.

Followed By: Jeanne Damas, Carine Roitfeld, Caroline de Maigret, Adenorah.

This cozy knitwear lines features designs with playful sayings and and a certain irreverence that will inspire you to double-tap away.

Jump on this French favorite and wear one of the jumpers yourself.

Followed by: Jeanne Damas, Adenorah, Caroline de Maigret.

The quirky-cool actress is always up to something exciting on her colorful and candid Instagram account.

Chloe's a major Gucci girl, and these sunglasses are just her style.

Followed by: Jeanne Damas, Camille Charriére, Adenorah.

This French fashion house is having a major moment, so you'll want to tune and and see the forward-thinking line in action.

This cool skirt is the ultimate mix-and-match piece for summer.

Followed by: Jeanne Damas; Camille Cherriére, Adenorah, Camille Rowe. 

All hail the '70s idol who was lucky enough to have a Hermès bag named after her. While it isn't her official Instagram, it's filled with old-school photos of the style icon.

It's a big commitment, but the Birkin is a bag that will never go out of style. 

Followed by: Carine Roitfeld, Adenorah, Camille Rowe, Jeanne Damas.

The famed photographer's work is on display in this bright, eye-catching feed. Expect to see some of fashion's most iconic photos along the way.

These statement sandals are gaurenteed to be comfy.




Followed by: Adenorah, Carine Roitfeld, Caroline de Maigret, Jeanne Damas.

As the daughter of French icon Vanessa Paradis, it should come as no major surprise that everyone has their eyes on this up-and-coming actress and model. 

Channel Lily-Rose's look with these comfy PJs. 

Followed by: Adenorah, Jeanne Damas

Cool footwear line Maryam Nassir Zadeh is a favorite among fashion's It girls. Expect ahead-of-the trend slides and heels shot in creative, super-inspiring ways.

These mesh slides are a cool addition to your go-to outfit for day or night.

Followed by: Camille Charriere, Jeanne Damas, Adenorah. 

Launched by French It girl Jeanne Damas herself, this laid-back line of essentials and flirty, fun dresses will instantly inspire you to do a little shopping—don't resist. 

If you're looking to channel Jeanne Damas's style, this is the top for you.


Followed by: Garance Doré, Adenorah, Camille Rowe, Jeanne Damas.

This L.A.-based brand has the It factor that may just leave you craving every single piece posted on its super-cool Instagram feed.

The ultimate date-night dress with a colorful spin.

Followed By: Caroline de Maigret, Adenorah, Jeanne Damas, Garance Doré. 

Who doesn't love the chance to indulge in a little something fancy? The Row highlights sleek architecture along with luxe clothing and shoes on its highly curated page. 

These fancy slippers will make your feet feel extra special. 

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