I'm Heading to London This Week—7 Trends I'm Packing and 7 I'm Leaving in NYC

Debora Rosa wearing a white sundress with black sunglasses and a black purse.

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In a few days, I'll be on a flight from JFK to Heathrow for a work trip that involves everything from fashion dinners to the Formula One British Grand Prix. The forecast is pretty clear in London, with only one or two days of predicted rain and temperatures around the 70ºF mark, but when I posted a question about what to bring on my IG Stories, my friends across the pond gave me varying responses. Some told me it was cool at night and warm in the daytime and to bring layers, and others claimed it was sweltering and the fewer clothes I pack the better. Without a clear answer, I have no choice but to go off instinct alone, prioritizing summer trends and crossing my fingers that 70ºF in London means the same thing as 70ºF in NYC. I've never flopped in the packing department in all my 28 years, and I refuse to let my streak end now.

Since I almost never bring more than what will fit in my Tumi carry-on suitcase, especially for a quick four-night trip, I'll be packing pretty light, but that doesn't mean that I'm not strategically planning every outfit to peak perfection. Ahead, discover which seven summer trends I've decided to bring along with me and another seven that will be staying back home in NYC for the week. Expect to find lots of white and breezy fabrics, statement bottoms, and flats so that I can walk Silverstone's 3.66-mile track and London's 607 square miles (or at least a portion of that) without issue. Scroll down to see what made the cut.

Bringing: Capri Pants

Leaving Behind: Bermuda Shorts

Sylvie Mus wearing a black camisole with white capri pants and black mules in Paris.

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It's not that I'm a Bermuda-shorts hater—I actually like them in theory. That being said, I haven't quite figured out how to style them in a way that works for me. On the other hand, capri pants are all I've really wanted to play around with styling-wise this summer, so yes, they're coming with me, and yes, I'll wear them a lot.

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Bringing: All-White Outfits

Leaving Behind: All-Black Outfits

A sheer white T-shirt worn with white trousers and two white bags.

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If you know me at all, you're well aware of the fact that I love wearing all black. At least 50% of my closet is black, between dresses, suiting, and separates. In the summer, however, I simply cannot handle wearing more than one black piece at a time. It's too warm, as the color absorbs all of the heat. Meanwhile, the sun reflects off of white clothing, making it far more wearable this time of year. Everyone keeps saying that London's so hot right now, so I'm playing it safe and going with all white for this trip.

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Bringing: Halter Necklines

Leaving Behind: Silk Slips

@iliridakrasniqi wearing a black halter top with a linen maxi skirt and black heeled sandals.

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Silk slips work for almost any occasion—except when it's hot and you plan on spending a lot of time outside in the sun. Silk shows your sweat more than almost any other fabric, and unlike other fabrics, you oftentimes can't just wash or dry-clean away a sweat stain. Instead of bringing along scoop-neck silk camisoles or dresses, I'm opting for halterneck alternatives in poplin and lightweight knit fabrics that are easier to wash, steam, and tackle the heat in.

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Bringing: Knit Flats

Leaving Behind: Fisherman Sandals

Debora Rosa wearing a white midi dress with white knitted Hvóya flats.

(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

It's funny. I actually think I see fisherman sandals on Londoners more than fashion people in any other city (at least on Instagram), but the style just has never been for me. I honestly don't really wear flat sandals all that often, and the only real flats that I enjoy are sandal alternatives like mesh, net, or knitted ballet options, with the latter being my favorite at the moment. I've been in love with Hvóya's crochet style for over a year now. Meanwhile, Toteme's silver pair is sitting in my shopping cart at NAP, waiting to be overnighted ahead of my trip.

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Bringing: A-Line Skirts

Leaving Behind: Miniskirts

Danielle Jinadu wearing a white button-down shirt and an A-line white skirt from COS with black shoes and a white bag.

(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

I love a miniskirt just as much as the next person, but for a work trip, I prefer to stick with longer, more versatile skirt options like the A-line styles I've filled my closet with over the last year. With warmer weather on the forecast, poplin and linen are really the only appropriate materials to choose from, both of which are billowy and lightweight but still elegant.

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Bringing: Double Denim

Leaving Behind: Suiting

Sasha Mei wearing jeans and a jean jacket on a chair with Chanel white Mary Jane flats.

(Image credit: @sasha.mei)

Since I don't have anything too formal on my itinerary for the trip, I plan to avoid bringing any suiting that will need to be steamed or ironed on my trip. To get the same coordinated look with none of the hassle, I'm packing my favorite double-denim ensemble by Levi's. What I love about this combo for trips is that you can wear the jacket and jeans separately and together, creating at least three outfits with only two pieces.

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Bringing: Red Pants

Leaving Behind: Crochet Pants

Elsa Hosk wearing a leather jacket, red pants, and The Row's Margaux bag.

(Image credit: @hoskelsa)

If I were heading to a beach town in Europe, maybe I'd swap these two bottoms in my carry-on. Since I'll be in London, I'm leaving my crochet pants at home and bringing along the latest trend I've added to my wardrobe: red pants. This trend is growing quickly, with Elsa Hosk and Jennifer Lawrence both donning it in the span of a few weeks. Here, Hosk styled them for a Scandi summer, according to her Instagram, but they'll be just as fitting for a hotter location paired with a cool tank or tee and jelly sandals à la Lawrence.

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