I Did the Research—These Are the 30 Best Carry-Ons That Exist


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Anyone who's had the privilege of traveling in their lifetime knows that properly planning a vacation takes a great deal of work. For some of us, that pre-trip prep is stressful, while for others, that's part of what makes the trip fun—I happen to fall within the latter group. I'll openly admit that I derive a great deal of joy from creating entire PowerPoints dedicated to rounding up the best restaurants, shops, museums, and packing essentials for whatever travel destination is next on my radar. In short, I'm a bit extra. But if you're not like me, you might be overwhelmed planning for your next trip. It's totally reasonable to feel that way, especially when you're trying to determine the best carry-on luggage to take with you. 

Even for self-professed travel experts (like me), navigating domestic and international luggage requirements can feel like an additional job. Plus, if you're a chronic overpacker, it can add another layer of stress to determining the best luggage for your trip. Luckily, you're not alone in the process! In the vein of equipping you with all the information you need to travel with ease, I've done hours of research to share tips on how to shop for luggage. Additionally, I've taken the liberty of rounding up the 30 best carry-on luggage bags on the market based on each bag's durability, functionality, maneuverability, price point, technical advances, name recognition, sizing regulations, shopper reviews, and overall stylishness. The following list of in-flight suitcases, weekenders, and even traditional handbags will make prepping (and packing) for your trip all the easier. So without further ado, let's get into it.

How to Shop for a Carry-On Suitcase


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As much as it might seem like buying the right suitcase doesn't matter, for travel experts, we know that's far from the truth. Purchasing the proper carry-on suitcase can ensure you do not have to check in your luggage, pay extra baggage fees, or even get a side-eye glance from the TSA attendant checking your baggage. The right carry-on bag can help make packing easier, can affect how easy it is to move around on public transport, and can even impact how long the luggage lasts. In short, it's a big purchase that's not to be discounted. However, if you're unsure of what to look for while shopping for carry-on luggage, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Check Sizing Requirements: Before even buying your luggage, check that its size is in accordance with the regulations of your favorite airlines. 

2. Consider the Weight: For my chronic overpackers, this is a critical note, as the weight of the physical suitcase paired with your belongings can impact whether you'll end up paying extra baggage fees or not. 

3. Search for Durable Materials: It might seem tedious, but checking what materials your suitcase is made from can ensure its durability in the long run. You want to opt for luggage made from polycarbonate hard shells or nylon with reinforced corners and sturdy zippers. 

4. Prioritize Maneuverability: We've all had those moments when we felt like we were dragging our suitcases behind us, but there's a way to minimize that experience by checking your luggage's wheels and handles. Opt for a suitcase that clearly states it has spinner wheels, multiple side handles, and an adjustable telescopic handle to make carrying your luggage less of a trek. 

5. Check the Bells and Whistles: One of the great things about luggage is that the features can make traveling easier. A great deal of luggage now offers built-in locks or charging ports, but you want to check to ensure these are within adherence to global travel regulations, as they might make getting through TSA checkpoints a hassle. 


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6. Consider Your Organizational Needs: Whether you're an overpacker or underpacker, you could benefit from a suitcase with built-in organizational features. Be cognizant of whether your luggage comes with numerous pockets, compression straps, expandable zippers, and even packing bags or cubes, as these features can help keep your personal belongings in order.

7. Don't Ignore Brand Reputation: As much as we all love a great deal, sometimes it's worth making a splurge, especially on luggage. While brands with higher name recognition might be a bit pricey, their offering is meant to last, ensuring you don't have to buy a new suitcase before every trip. 

8. Check the Warranty: Often, legacy luggage brands offer a warranty that ranges from one year to a lifetime that covers either defects or damage from travel. Checking this can ensure you're investing in a product that's either made to last or at least can be fixed if it's tossed around a bit (which it will be). 

9. Set a Budget for Yourself: It's essential to check in with yourself before shopping for a new carry-on to determine how much you're willing to spend. If you are an avid traveler, it's worth investing in a higher-grade suitcase, but if you're not catching a ton of flights, you might want to save where you can. 

10. Consider Your Style: While suitcases are typically the most pragmatic purchase you'd be making for a trip, that doesn't mean they can't reflect your personality. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra to get a unique colorway or decorate your suitcase with extra trimmings, as it will ensure the piece stands out in the overhead bins. 

Ready to find your luggage? Keep scrolling to see our roundup of the best carry-on suitcases for every type of traveler.

Shop Carry-On Options


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Best Overall Carry-On: TravelPro

Style Notes

Overall Size: 22"W x 14"H x 9"D inches

Suitcase Weight: 7.9 lbs. 

Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Sand

Add-Ons: Water-resistant interior divider pockets, built-in lock, USB charging port, five-year warranty

Editor's Highlight: One of the best features of this bag is the case's hidden built-in charger that allows you to charge your devices while traveling. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I am very picky about suitcases because I travel internationally and domestically frequently. I never cared for hard-sided luggage because it was too heavy—Not TravelPro! This bag is wonderful, as it is lightweight and has loads of storage space. I love how the pockets are organized with zippers so that nothing is lose in the luggage if TSA unzips it! It's a lifesaver for long trips because I can fit so much into this case and not have to check the bag. I also appreciate the pocket for the USB battery; it makes it simple to charge my phone or iPad on the go. The wheels roll smoothly, and it is so well structured that I can slip my purse or backpack on top without it falling over. Beautiful, sleek, and so functional!"

Best Carry-On to Invest In: Rimowa

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate

Overall Size: 21.7"W x 15.8"H x 9.1"D inch

Suitcase Weight: 7.1 lbs.

Colors: Glossy black, white, petal pink, cedar brown, slate, green, matte blue, and matte black

Add-Ons: TSA-approved locks, multi-wheel, dual-interior organization, lifetime warranty

Editor's Highlight: Compatible with over 70 international airlines' overhead cabin space, the Rimowa Cabin works for any upcoming trip. It is one of the most renowned suitcases among the travel community for its functionality and durability. 

Reviewer Highlight: "For quite some time, I’ve been eyeing the Rimowa Essential Cabin to replace my old carry-on and finally took the plunge. It has style, flexibility, performance, and adequate protection. I was also considering the Hybrid Cabin; however, since I never plan on checking it, I don’t really need added protection. The hybrid also has less flex when it comes to stuffing your bag and sports a more rugged look. The two locking mechanisms (Hybrid) are faster than using a zipper (Essential), but you lose out on added flex. Lastly, I prefer the cleaner, sexy lines on the Essential Cabin."

Best Affordable Carry-On: Amazon

Style Notes

Material: ABS shell 

Overall Size: 14.76"H x 9.45"D x 21.46"W inches

Colors: Black, navy blue, orange, light blue

Add-Ons: Double spinner wheels, expandable, interior organizer with divider

Editor's Highlight: With almost 40,000 reviews, Amazon's spinner suitcase is a solid purchase for travelers on a strict budget. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I took this case on a trip to Japan, and if you've been there, you know many people travel with their luggage on trains and across town to get to their hotels. This case was durable and easy to maneuver, and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a new suitcase! The wheels allow this suitcase to spin 360 degrees with little effort. The hard sides protect all the treasures I bring home from my adventures without adding a lot of weight. The side handle makes for easy loading into vehicles. It is sturdy and well-built and keeps close to the side of the case without bulking up the profile."

Best Designer Carry-On Suitcase: Gucci

Style Notes

Material: Jacquard cotton and leather trim

Overall Size: 15"W x 20.1"H x 8.3"D inches

Suitcase Weight: 9.7 lbs.

Colors: Beige/blue, beige/ebony, blue/black

Add-Ons: 360-degree wheels, leather identification tag, lock and key holder, two-year limited warranty

Editor's Highlight: Drawing inspiration from the house's archives, this suitcase pays homage to the '30s with its iconic interlocking logo print. It's the ideal luggage for those who prefer their luxury items to err on the louder side. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Absolutely love it. Solid designer carry-on bag."

Best Carry-On for International Flights: Calpak

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate and ABS 

Overall Size: 21"W x 14"H x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 7.1 lbs.

Colors: Black, gold, silver, rose gold, copper

Add-Ons: Expandable, carbon steel bearing wheels, built-in TSA lock, lots of interior pockets

Editor's Highlight: For international flights, it is essential to check your air carriers' regulations regarding the sizes of carry-on luggage, but for the majority of overseas airlines, you can count on Calpak's Ambeur 22-Inch suitcase complying. With a compact shape, a dual interior, spinning wheels, and a metallic finish, it's one of the most functional (and fashionable) options on the market. 

Reviewer Highlight: "My all-time favorite carry-on suitcase. In addition to being beautiful, it's the lightest suitcase I've ever bought. I went to Europe for two weeks and filled this thing to the brim—it held a lot, thanks to all the convenient zipper pockets. And still, even with it stuffed, as I walked cobbled stairs, switched trains, and hopped on buses, it was so light and easy to lift. Additionally, the handle is so durable, it hasn't broken or gotten shakey at all."

Best Expandable Carry-On Suitcase: Away

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hard shell and leather trim

Overall Size: 21.7"W x 13.7"H x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 8.15 lbs.

Colors: Black, navy, pink, light blue, gray, green

Add-Ons: Interior compression system, hidden laundry bag, TSA-approved combination lock, 360-degree wheels, limited warranty

Editor's Highlight: For chronic overpackers, Away's signature zipper expansion will be a lifesaver when it comes to making the most of this suitcase. However, it's worth noting that when fully expanded, this suitcase can teeter into checked-luggage territory, so do be mindful to avoid any additional fees. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I love my Away suitcase. I'm a flight attendant, and I love to see our passenger's Away carry-ons fit perfectly snugly in the overhead bins. I have the flex carry-on; the holder on the bottom is excellent for that extra support and grip to lift my suitcase into the bins. Plus, the expandable zipper helps when I shop on my trips! If that weren't enough, the brand has excellent customer service. I needed assistance with my previous carry-on that needed wheel replacement, and the representative went above and beyond to help me with a seamless process."

Best Carry-On Suitcase for Waranty: Briggs & Riley

Style Notes

Material: Three-layer Makrolon polycarbonate hardshell

Overall Size: 21"W x 14"H x 9"–11"D 

Suitcase Weight: 8.6 lbs.

Colors: Matte black, navy, plum, latte

Add-Ons: Double-spinner wheels, TSA-approved combination lock, interior zip pockets, compression straps, and comes with garment hangers

Editor's Highlight: Two things set this suitcase apart from the rest. The first is its innovative compression system that allows you to maximize your packing space. Second, Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime warranty for all of its luggage so that you can get it fixed without charge. 

Reviewer Highlight: "One of the best things about this suitcase is the warranty. I expect to use several warranty repairs for wheels, handles, zippers, etc. Also, the compression feature is the most efficient—you overstuff the suitcase and press down. It rolls extremely smoothly rolling and comes with a sturdy telescoping handle."

Best Carry-On for Embracing "Damage": Crash Baggage

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hammered hardshell

Overall Size: 21.5"W x 15.7"H x 8"D

Suitcase Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Colors: Black, gray, yellow, blue, red, olive green

Add-Ons: TSA-approved locks, double swiveling wheels, internal pockets

Editor's Highlight: Rather than worrying about dents, scratches, and overall damage, the Italian-founded luggage brand set out to embrace them. Offering suitcases made from hammered hardshells, this brand's cases are ideal for travelers who want their suitcases to feel like art. 

Reviewer Highlight: "⁦I'm a long-term fan of Crash Baggage. It has amazing quality and design. It looks so good; you just want to lick it!⁩"

Best Carry-On Roller Bag: Delsey Paris

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hardshell made from recycled water bottles with vegan-leather trim

Overall Size: 22.75"W x 15"H x 10"D 

Suitcase Weight: 7.7 lbs.

Colors: Chocolate brown, white, pink, navy

Add-Ons: 10-year warranty, TSA-approved lockUSB port, ergonomic handle, shock-absorbing corner protectors, coated lining for odor control, and included laundry bag, shoe bag, and mesh zippered pockets

Editor's Highlight: The selling point of this suitcase is the silent double-spinner wheels that allow you to maneuver this bag with ease. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Such a great suitcase! This is the second Delsey carry-on luggage I own, and I love it. Super sturdy, wheels slide smoothly, strong handle, and small but roomy. I was able to travel to Europe for a week, and it fit everything I needed. It also handled the cobblestone streets with great success."

Best Lightweight Carry-On Suitcase: July

Style Notes

Material: Aerospace-grade German polycarbonate shell

Overall Size: 21.25"H x 14.17"W × 7.5"D

Suitcase Weight: 3.9 lbs.

Colors: Moss, sand, clay, lavender, forest, charcoal 

Add-Ons: Double spinner wheels, water-resistant lining, Japanese zippers, TSA-approved lock, lifetime warranty on manufacturing faults

Editor's Highlight: Known as the most lightweight suitcase on the market, this suitcase will ensure you don't incur baggage fees.

Reviewer Highlight: "I was looking to downsize to a smaller hardshell suitcase and liked how lightweight this was compared to other options on the market. I've only had to check in this case a couple of times since I primarily purchased it to use as a carry-on only, but it's held up well. Since purchasing it almost two years ago, the textured PC shell doesn't show scratches or scuffs, and the internal mesh zippers have held up well despite being really packed down during some trips. I also really appreciate that the shadow lavender color is still fairly neutral while still standing out between other black suitcases."

Best Affordable Hardshell Carry-On Suitcase: Quince

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hardshell with water-resistant lining 

Overall Size: 22"H x 14.4"W x 9.1"D 

Suitcase Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Colors: Tan and black 

Add-Ons: Interior compression panels, removable laundry bag, Hinomoto 360-degree wheels, TSA-approved lock

Editor's Highlight: It's no secret that a great deal of hardshell suitcases can be quite steep in price, but Quince offers an entry-level hardshell option. It's not necessarily going to have all the bells and whistles that other brands offer, but it will keep you within your budget. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I recently took this luggage on a trip, and it was great! It went through all sorts of terrain due to construction happening in the area we were staying at, but the wheels held up well, and there were no signs of wear and tear. I definitely recommend this luggage; it’s just as comparable as the more expensive brands but a fraction of the price!"

Best Softshell Carry-On Suitcase: SwissGear

Style Notes

Material: Polyester 

Overall Size: 21.5"W x 15"H x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 5.7 lbs.

Colors: Black

Add-Ons: Expandable interior, 360-degree spinner wheels, multiple front pockets, 10-year warranty for any purchases made directly on the brand's site. 

Editor's Highlight: If you happen to be one of those travelers looking for a no-frills, no-hardshell, no-bank-breaking suitcase option, consider your search over. SwissGear's carry-on suitcase is your standard softside option that offers an expandable interior, multiple pockets, and easily maneuverable hardware. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I purchased this luggage to ensure I had no issues with a carry-on bag for international airline travel. This one fits the size requirements for even the most stringent European carriers I encountered. It rolls very well, and the size is adequate for me. I recommend it if you're looking for a smaller, easy-to-maneuver piece that's not made from a heavy hardshell material."

Best Carry-On Suitcase for Laptop Storage: Béis

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hardshell

Overall Size: 21 1/2"H x 13 1/2"W x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 8 lbs. 

Colors: Black and beige

Add-Ons: TSA-approved locks, Hinomoto 360-degree wheels, a separate pouch set for dirty clothes, shoes, undergarments, and damp clothing

Editor's Highlight: The standout feature of this suitcase is the molded front pocket that's big enough to fit a laptop. This accessible pocket makes traveling with tech much easier.

Reviewer Highlight: "Everything I love about the original Béis carry-on suitcase, but finally small enough to not worry about whether it'll get gate checked or angrily stared at by flight crews. The smaller version is amazing, as I've flown with it now on United, American, Delta, and Southwest with literally zero issues. It's by far the best carry-on I've tried; the pocket allows you to store your laptop easily."

Best Carry-On Suitcase for Organization: Monos

Style Notes

Material: Water-resistant polycarbonate hardshell made from recycled materials

Overall Size: 22"W × 14"H × 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 7.01 lbs.

Colors: Taupe, rose quartz, olive green, blue, gray, white, black, terra-cotta, sage green, purple, yellow

Add-Ons: Adjustable telescopic handle, dual-compartment interior made from the antimicrobial lining, additional packing bags, vegan-leather luggage tag

Editor's Highlight: With a zippered panel on one half of the suitcase and a compression pad and nylon straps on the other side, this suitcase allows you to organize all your belongings neatly. It also comes with antimicrobial laundry and shoe bags to ensure your items stay organized. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I had been researching luggage for over a year when I came across Monos. I was so close to getting the other known brand, but I felt investing in luggage with Monos would be worth the cost and walking away with superior luggage. I was not disappointed. What I love about this suitcase is its gorgeous and complete functionality. The exact measurements came in a tad under what is stated, which is to be expected If it's to fit in any overhead luggage compartment on any plane—it's about 21.5 x 8.75 x 14.5 and weights empty at 6.5 lbs with no shoe bags, luggage tag, etc. In terms of storage, the compression pad feels very durable, so you don't have to worry about broken straps or clasps, And there are so many pockets! The really thought-out design allows you to fully maximize what you can pack in this little powerhouse."

Best Sustainability-Minded Carry-On: Paravel

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hardshell trimmed with smooth vegan leather

Overall Size: 21.7"W x 13.7"H x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 8.2 lbs.

Colors: Navy, green, tan, white, black 

Add-Ons: 10-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects; double spinner wheels with carbon steel bearings, interior compression board, scuff-hiding textured finish, removable laundry bag

Editor's Highlight: Known as the world's "first carbon-neutral carry-on," Paravel's suitcase is made from entirely recycled materials aimed at offsetting the airline industry's carbon footprint. Its hardshell is made from reused polycarbonate, while its interior uses upcycled water bottles, ensuring that the suitcase is as good for the environment as it is for travel.

Reviewer Highlight: "Having used the same carry-on for decades, this is a major upgrade in both function and design! It's lighter than my old canvas carry-on, and the wheels roll as smooth as butter in any direction. The interior is separated nicely, and it comes with a protective cover!"

Best Waterproof Carry-On: The North Face

Style Notes

Material: Polycarbonate hardshell with exterior ribbing to help with durability 

Overall Size: 22.5''W x 14.25''H x 9.5''D 

Suitcase Weight: 9 lbs.

Colors: Black, white, green, purple

Add-Ons: Features TSA-approved locks, extendable handle, internal mesh liner to protect clothing, removable pockets for shoes and dirty laundry

Editor's Highlight: Featuring a clamshell closure, the design of this suitcase ensures that it is fully waterproof, making it ideal for adventure travelers who may have their items exposed to the elements. 

Reviewer Highlight: "As a mariner, this is my perfect travel-to-work bag. It keeps things dry, fits in all overheads, and is easy to maneuver. I love it."

Best Hybrid Carry-On and Checked Luggage: Tumi

Style Notes

Material: Recycled polycarbonate hardshell

Overall Size: 21.8"W X 14"H X 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 7.9 lbs.

Colors: Plum, blush, black, hunter green, navy, red

Add-Ons: Features built-in USB port for charging technology, TSA-approved lock, retractable handles, zipper expansion, antimicrobial coated exterior and lining, and a luggage tag

Editor's Highlight: We've all been on a flight before where we're the unlucky traveler who suddenly has to check our carry-on luggage because of a lack of space in the overhead bins. Rather than be caught off guard, it's worth investing in a suitcase that can survive the wear and tear of travel no matter where it resides on the plane—enter Tumi's International Expandable suitcase. Made from a sculpted hardshell, this luggage is made to last. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I love this suitcase for several reasons. First, the quality is, without question, the best. The wheels roll like butter, and the zippers are heavy-duty and clearly meant to work well under pressure. And the locks are solid. I chose this particular case because of the color. It stands out from the sea of black and silver bags out there. The personalized initials and gold trim—add just the right amount of class and sophistication to the case. Highly recommend. This suitcase is worth every penny."

Best Customizable Carry-On Suitcase: Roam

Style Notes

Material: Hardshell with an interior made from 100% recycled materials

Overall Size: 22"H x 14.25"W x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 7.3 lbs.

Colors: Black, lilac, red, gray, light blue, navy, green, gray

Add-Ons: Offers a 100-day trial along with a warranty for the suitcase. It also features a water-repellent zipper, telescoping handle, TSA-approved lock, ball-bearing wheels, and compression boards.

Editor's Highlight:  Hate that most luggage looks similar? Then you'll want to shop Roam's carry-on offering. With all of the suitcases being made to order within the United States, this brand allows you to not only monogram your luggage but also customize the colors so that it will stand out against the sea of other suitcases.

Reviewer Highlight: "Roam's Luggage exceeded my expectations. The most impressive experience with my new luggage was the glide-action of the wheels—no more 'dragging' luggage around! The ball-bearing wheel design made my travel experience more enjoyable as it was almost effortless to move freely over multiple surfaces through airports and hotels. I also love the ability to personalize my own bespoke design and noticed how easy it was to close my luggage with the high quality and smoothness of the zipper construction and durability. I'm buying a set for my spouse before our next vacation."

Shop Weekender Options


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Best Overall Carry-On Duffle Bag: Ted Baker

Style Notes

Material: Polyester made from recycled plastic bottles

Overall Size: 14"W x 19"H x 9"D

Colors: Black with gold hardware

Add-Ons: While this duffle bag does not come with interior organization pouches, it can be purchased in conjunction with other matching luggage items. 

Editor's Highlight: What makes this duffle bag a pragmatic choice for travelers is the fact it features both a traditional top handle along a hidden adjustable handle that allows you to roll the duffle bag through the airport too. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Such a beautiful, tasteful, and practical piece of luggage. The luggage looks as lovely as one of my handbags, only large enough to actually pack items for a road trip. The large interior will hold everything one needs for a week's getaway while still being compact enough to fit in an overhead bin. You can carry it with the top handle or use the rollers, which are discreet and serve their purpose. I highly recommend this item."

Best Designer Duffle Bag: Louis Vuitton

Style Notes

Material: Cowhide leather 

Overall Size: 17.7"L x 10.6"H x 7.9"W

Colors: Monogram canvas print, monogram eclipse print, Damier graphite canvas print, and monogram macassar print

Add-Ons: Optional monogramming. Additionally comes with a removable leather name tag, an adjustable crossbody strap, and repair services.

Editor's Highlight: While one might be wary of using designer luggage for fear of it being damaged, stolen, or inappropriate for luggage regulations, Louis Vuitton's Keepall Bandoulière 45 is up for the task. First, this size, compared to the larger versions of the duffle bag, complies with most airlines' under-seat bag requirements, ensuring that you can keep the piece under your feet for the entire flight. But if you're still nervous about having it potentially checked, you can use this carryall for trips using different modes of transport (e.g., bus, train, car) to ensure it stays safe throughout the trip. 

Reviewer Highlight: "⁦Love this Louis Vuitton Keepall Duffle! It's the perfect size, with plenty of room in it to pack the essentials for a short getaway. It was definitely worth purchasing!"

Best Weekender Tote Bag: Longchamp

Style Notes

Material: Nylon exterior with embossed leather handles

Overall Size: 17 3/4"W x 13 3/4"H x 9"D

Suitcase Weight: 0.9 lbs.

Colors: Black, navy, tan, red, cobalt, pink, green

Add-Ons: Easily foldable style to make storage of the bag after the trip a breeze. 

Editor's Highlight: Longchamp's Le Pliage overnighter has long been a favorite among the fashion set for its spacious interior that allows one to pack gratuitously for short getaways. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Love this bag; it's perfect for overnight and weekend trips! It conveniently fits clothes, shoes, and cosmetics, all while being fashionable. It's very light and manageable whether traveling in a car or on a plane—it conveniently fits in the overhead compartment. It's extremely well-made and very durable!" 

Best Under-Seat Garment Bag: Amazon

Style Notes

Material: Polyester 

Overall Size: 43"H x 20"W x 3"D

Suitcase Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Colors: Only available in black but various sizes are offered

Add-Ons: Includes a crossbody strap to carry easily, along with an interior garment back with two buckle tie-down straps to keep items secure and exterior pockets. 

Editor's Highlight: Whether you're traveling as a stylist for work or heading to a friend's wedding, this simple garment bag will allow you to carry up to three items of clothing with ample space for shoes, toiletries, and any other items. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I bought this bag in 2019; it has held up incredibly well since then. I have taken it on many flights, buses, and train rides and have never had an issue with fitting it in the overhead bin on both longer-haul flights and short-budget airline carriers. I have used it for out-of-town interviews and weddings, and it's optimal for any trips lasting less than a week—it can fit two dress shirts and a suit, as well as belts, ties, a pair of dress shoes, and multiple changes of casual clothes in the front compartment. It does a great job of protecting and keeping your formal clothing relatively wrinkle-free. One of my best purchases from Amazon Basics."

Best Garment Carry-On Bag With Wheels: Samsonite

Style Notes

Material: 100% post-consumer recycled plastics 

Overall Size: 22"H x 10"W x 17.5"L

Suitcase Weight: 10.7 lbs.

Colors: Black

Add-Ons: Features an adjustable handle, oversize wheels for easy maneuverability, a hanger bracket to make garment storage easier, and dedicated pockets for shoes

Editor's Highlight: Many wheeled garment bags don't actually follow in-flight bag size regulations. However, this Samsonite one does. Plus, it has ample pockets, ensuring you can keep your clothing from being wrinkled by shoes, accessories, or other belongings. 

Reviewer Highlight: "A proper carry-on garment bag; it fits in the overhead bin on domestic fights. Easy to pull along, but no swivel and difficult to push. But it does have lots of storage—I used it for a 4-day trip where multiple dresses, suits, shoes, and workout clothes. I did have to check in the bag one time, but it held up great."

Shop Under-Seat Options


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Best Overall Under-Seat Carry-On: Baggallini

Style Notes

Material: Nylon exterior, polyester interior

Overall Size: 14.5"W x 15.0"H x 9"D 

Suitcase Weight: 5 lbs. 

Colors: Black, navy, maroon, and floral print

Add-Ons: Features telescoping handle, four slip pockets, three zip pockets, removable 14-inch laptop pocket, and elasticized tie-down straps

Editor's Highlight: For those shoppers looking for a proper under-seat suitcase that fits most airline regulations and sizing requirements, look no further than this option from Baggallini. Its compact shape will allow you to easily slide it underneath the seat in front of you (so long as it's not overstuffed). 

Reviewer Highlight: "My husband and I each have one of these bags and love them. We took them on a month-long trip to Greece, along with a recent trip to Ecuador. We usually put them in the overhead, but on most planes, they would fit under the seat—planes and airlines do differ. We like that we can hook them into the handle of our larger check-in bag and then remove them to wheel through the airport as a carry-on. They held up well during six flights on the Greece trip and eight flights on the Ecuador trip. We packed a lot of items in the bag: change of clothes, umbrellas, shoes, computer, iPad, trip documents, hair dryer, straightener, all cords and plugs in a gadget bag, etc."

Best Overall Under-Seat Carry-On Backpack: Everlane

Style Notes

Material: Made from 100% recycled polyester

Overall Size: 17.5"H x 12"L x 7.25"D

Colors: Tan, charcoal, olive green

Add-Ons: Features an exterior 15-inch laptop zip pocket, two water bottle pockets, multiple interior pockets, and a handle with a pass-through strap that attaches to rolling luggage easily.

Editor's Highlight: For travelers looking for a backpack that will allow them to keep all their items organized in-flight, look no further than Everlane's ReNew Transit Backpack. Fitted with multiple pockets, this will ensure your passport, laptop, and other essentials are well within reach while navigating the airport. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Such a great backpack for travel! I used this bag while traveling in Asia; it was very roomy and fit many things. I love all the different pockets that allow you to store your passport, water bottle, iPad, extra clothes, etc. Plus, it is a good-looking bag at a great price point."

Best Under-Seat Designer Backpack: Prada

Style Notes

Material: Nylon

Overall Size: 13"H x 12"W x 6"L

Colors: Black and beige

Add-Ons: Drawstring closure with flap and buckle, adjustable straps, and front pockets

Editor's Highlight: Considered a collector's item, Prada's backpack is as functional as it is fashionable. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I bought this bag for a vacation to Disneyland. I wanted something stylish and practical, and it exceeded my expectations. I loved it so much that I've worn it long past my trip. I highly recommend investing in this Prada bag."

Best Under-Seat Handbag With Ample Space: DeMellier

Style Notes

Material: Grain cowhide leather and gold hardware

Overall Size: 22.1" W x 10.7" H x 5.5"D

Suitcase Weight: 1.9 lbs.

Colors: Black, black croc effect, tan, taupe croc effect, black suede, dark olive suede

Add-Ons: Features a tubular top handle that can easily be wrapped around the shoulder or over a carry-on's top handle. Along with a lifetime repair warranty. 

Editor's Highlight: Just because you're catching a flight doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. For those looking for a more elevated handbag to carry through the airport, DeMellier's New York Bag is for you, as its interior is spacious enough to fit a 13-inch laptop and travel essentials while being compact enough to slide easily in the under-seat area of most planes. 

Reviewer Highlight: "If you're looking for a mid-sized tote with a unique design, this is for you. The leather feels luxurious and is worth more than the price. I travel heavily, usually carrying this Demellier—it manages to be big enough to carry everything without the bulk. Plus, the strap is beautiful, allowing you to carry it easily across the body, too." 

Best Under-Seat Carryall Tote Bag: Telfar 

Style Notes

Material: Vegan leather 

Overall Size: 11"H x 15"W x 5"D 

Colors: Black, tan, silver, bronze, copper, gold, chocolate brown, white, bubblegum pink, oxblood red, navy, cream, red, grape, cobalt, dark olive, gray, lavender, eggplant, mustard, cerulean, and more

Add-Ons: Comes with a magnetic closure and a double-strap silhouette, which allows you to carry the item by hand or style it as a crossbody bag. The larger silhouettes feature an internal zipper pocket for extra organization. 

Editor's Highlight: Available in three sizes, Telfar's shopping tote is perfect for every type of traveler, depending upon their needs, of course. If you're looking for a tote bag that can fit in the under-seat of a plane while still being spacious enough to hold a book, laptop, and other in-flight essentials, you'll want the medium size, as it's compliant with most regulations. But it's also worth noting that the different sizes of this bag work for travel too—e.g., the smaller version works as a great crossbody bag that allows you to fit your phone, passport, and lip gloss into it. While the large Telfar bag is a great oversize weekender bag option, as it's spacious enough to fit a great deal of clothing in the interior. Ultimately, this bag makes for a great travel bag; you have to either shop it with Telfar's launches or buy it secondhand. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Beautiful bag! It's the perfect size for my MacBook, notebook, and planner. There's also a small zippered pouch where you could put your phone or other smaller items. I'm thrilled with this purchase! The material feels soft, but the bag appears sturdy."

Best In-Flight Fanny Pack: Uniqlo

Style Notes

Material: Nylon

Overall Size: 11''W x 6.7''H x 3.9''D

Belt Length: 24.4'' to 45.7''

Colors: Black, red, white, beige, yellow, olive, and purple

Add-Ons: Made from water-repellent nylon, this unisex bag has internal piping to maintain its shape while holding a smartphone, wallet, passport, or any other essentials. 

Editor's Highlight: Uniqlo's minimalist crescent-shaped crossbody bag will allow you to keep your essentials within arm's reach throughout your trip without being bogged down by oversize baggage. 

Reviewer Highlight: "These bags are perfect for everyday errands or to carry with you while traveling. The strap is sturdy, and you can adjust it to your liking, and it holds a lot of stuff. They are washable and come in a variety of colors. The price is affordable and even better if you can catch a Uniqlo sale."

Best In-Flight Belt Bag: Coach

Style Notes

Material: Pebble leather in monogram print

Overall Size: 12 1/2"L x 5 1/2"H x 2 3/4"W

Colors: Charcoal

Add-Ons: Featuring an adjustable strap, this bag can be worn as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or belt bag, depending upon your mood. 

Editor's Highlight: Who said fanny packs couldn't be chic? This logo-adorned belt bag from Coach is the perfect piece to wear throughout your next trip, as it features an adjustable strap that allows you to wear it in various ways in addition to having a spacious interior that can store all your essentials (e.g., phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss). 

Reviewer Highlight: "This Coach bag is the perfect mix of fanny pack and crossbody bag for travel. I recently went to Europe, and bags like this are a huge trend over there. In fact, I got several compliments while wearing it! The bag seems very well put-together, with quality materials and supple leather!"

Editor's Note: Some customer reviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.

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