Flats Were Everywhere in 2023, and These 4 Pairs Are Going to Dominate in 2024


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I've been studying the trends that come and go within the fashion industry for years, and I've noticed the most notable shoe styles have usually revolved around a bold look of heels or a platform sole. And when there is a more comfortable look involved, it's more likely to be sneakers than anything else. The past year or two, however, has been dominated by flat shoes. (Let's call it a flat shoe renaissance if you will.) With brands like Tory Burch and Prada releasing standout pairs, mixing fashion and practicality has never been so stylish. 

We've seen everything in 2023 from satin ballet flats to studded options, so I took it upon myself to round up the styles that I think will continue to be in high demand for 2024. Even if you're not much of a flat shoe person (I know a few devout heels lovers), you'll be inspired by the picks below. Much to my surprise, I found more worthy contenders than I ever would have imagined. 

Mesh Flats

Mesh flats started as a more lowkey trend, with only a select few brands offering the style. Thanks to designers like Alaia and The Row, slippers with sheer fabrics and mesh cut-outs are the it-shoe of the moment and are only gaining popularity going into the next year.


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How to wear them: Leather jacket + slip skirt + mesh flats


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How to wear them: Striped sweater + wide-leg jeans + mesh flats

Embellished Flats

When studded flats first made their way into the trend cycle, people thought they would be gone in a flash. But months later, it seems like they're in for the long haul. The fashion crowd has now fixated themselves on all sorts of embellishments, whether it's studs, appliques, crystals, and bows. 


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How to wear them: Simple midi dress + studded flats


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How to wear them: Blazer + T-shirt + relaxed trousers + embellished flats

Mary-Jane Flats

Want to give a trend-forward spin on your casual outfit? If you once reached for flat mules for the job, might I suggest the fresher alternative of Mary-Jane flats? They've been bubbling to the surface lately, especially for minimalists who want to signal the "quiet luxury" aesthetic of brands like The Row.


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How to wear them: Maxi dress + leather jacket + Mary Janes


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Slingback Flats

Slingback heels can be deemed a classic amongst the variety of shoe trends we see, but slingback flats were put on the backburner for a while. Enter elevated flats by Toru Burch and Saint Laurent, and all of a sudden I see sleek pairs of slingbacks everywhere


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How to wear them: Double denim + white tee + clogs

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