These Under-$100 "Like a Birkenstock, but Pretty" Sandals Are a Hit


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When Everlane first released its collection of comfortable yet sleek footbed sandals back in May, we were quick to report on how covetable they were. Soon after, they sold out in every size and color (as many new Everlane shoe releases do), but customers have spoken and the shoes are now available for pre-order in every color with an August 9 ship date.

When something sells out quickly, it's hard to ignore the crowd mentality–induced need to have the item in question simply because everyone else wants it. But the beauty of Everlane shoes is that they live up to the hype. The brand's $98 leather Form Sandals have almost five stars and nearly 130 reviews. And the $118 Form Crossover Sandals have almost 200 glowing reviews. That extent of customer satisfaction doesn't lie.

Lastly, if you want the "ugly-sandal" comfort without the less-than-appealing look, we'd recommend giving this pair a try. One reviewer even stated in their review, "Like a Birkenstock, but pretty." Well said.

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