Sorry, We're Archiving These Summer Basics—5 Styles We're Buying Instead


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We consider basics to be our wardrobe heroes. Our closets wouldn't be the same without these versatile staples because of their power to balance out the trendier picks we wear. As a result, we're always on the hunt for a new find that could become essential. And that's what you're going to find below.

If you keep scrolling, you'll uncover the basics we're buying to complete our summer offerings. Alternatively, you'll also note the basics we won't be wearing as much and will essentially be archiving for now. Of course, it's smart to remember that you should always wear whatever you love, despite someone else's personal preference.

Keep scrolling to check out the summer basics we're into right now and those we're not feeling as much.

Buying: Crew-Neck Tees

Not Wearing as Much: V-Neck Tees


"Every time I see a V-neck T-shirt, I cringe a little bit. Not that long ago, everyone I know lived for this basic, but now, it just gives 'cheugy' to me. Instead, I am shopping for crew-neck styles. I always get compliments on my Aritzia tee, which is formfitting and so timeless. Having a good collection of tees and tanks is a must in the summer when you want to run out the door without a thought in your mind."

Buying: Relaxed, Tailored Shorts

Not Wearing as Much: Bike Shorts


"While I may still wear bike shorts for workouts this summer (it's just too hot for leggings sometimes), I don't see myself incorporating them into outfits again anytime soon. I just don't find them to be all that comfortable, and I always struggled to find occasions that they were suited for. That said, I love wearing shorts, and every pair I've been drawn to recently is relaxed and tailored (but not too long). This Reformation pair is at the top of my shopping list."

Buying: Muscle-Style Tanks

Not Wearing as Much: Cropped Tees and Tanks


"I wouldn't say that cropped tanks and tees are 'out' per se, but they're certainly not getting worn by me, even if it's 99º and humid in NYC this summer. You will, however, find me donning muscle-style tanks—paired with cotton and linen skirts, trousers, and baggy jeans—on a very regular basis during the warmer months."

Buying: Denim Shorts

Not Wearing as Much: Distressed Black Denim Shorts


"Similar to my colleague Allyson's intel above, I'll be living in relaxed, tailored shorts this season. While they're certainly not 'out,' I'm going to archive my heavily distressed black denim shorts. Instead, I'll be reaching for blue denim shorts."

Buying: Baseball Hats

Not Wearing as Much: Bucket Hats


"After years of making bucket hats one of my summer style signatures, I think I'm finally ready to retire them. The throwback look was definitely fun to wear, but now that my style is shifting toward the classics, I'm prioritizing pieces that are ultimately timeless and a tad more elevated, which is why I'll be reaching for a retro baseball hat instead."

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