The Best Celebrity for Approachable Outfit Ideas 

A couple weeks ago, while perusing through a slew of celebrity photos as I usually do on Monday mornings, I noticed myself having a repeated feeling every time one came up of Dakota Johnson. I’d examine her outfit, noting how put-together she looked, and then mentally kick myself upon realizing that I actually owned similar versions of most of the pieces she was wearing but clearly was not combining them quite like her. My off-the-shoulder top, matching set, top-handle bag, and more had all been styled in vain—but not anymore.

This experience made me realize that Johnson’s style is actually quite relatable and easy to re-create. She’s like all of us girls, but the 2.0 version. All you need to do is examine her looks and, for lack of a better word, copy them.

So without further ado, see the stylish yet approachable Dakota Johnson outfits we’ll be trying first below!