The #1 Day-To-Night Bag Every Girl Should Own

Every girl knows the perils of having to swap a daytime purse for night. You’re bound to forget something essential—your ID, a favorite lipstick, or keys. The solution? Today, we’re presenting you with the most convenient day-to-night purse style of all time: the cross-body, but with a few specifications! First, choose one in black for versatility. Second, opt for a slim shape in a medium to small size, as anything bigger is too bulky for day to night. Finally, look for a strap that’s thin and dainty rather than cumbersome and distracting. This allows you to wear the purse on one shoulder or carry it under your arm, letting the strap dangle, for a chic evening look. Together, all three qualities make for an insanely useful and always stylish transitional bag.

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