I'm a Luxury-Handbag Expert—These Are the Best Valentino Bags to Invest In


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Let me take you down memory lane for a second. Can you remember the first bag you ever owned that you loved? What did it look like? Why was it valuable to you? It’s safe to say that almost everyone who loves fashion can remember their first handbag—mine was a labelless crescent shoulder bag made of silver chain mail. And while everyone’s first handbag varies, the sentimental value that the first bag holds for us all remains. Of course, placing a value beyond memory on your vintage handbag requires in-depth knowledge of the luxury space. Not all bags are created equal, and they’re not all sound investments for the long-term. I still love my little chain-mail bag to this day (and I’ll never pass up the chance to test-drive a new handbag trend), but I know that investing in a designer bag is the grown-up scenario when shopping for purses. 

In fact, designer handbags are arguably the best thing you can buy for your wardrobe for multiple reasons, one being that they are a great way to get your hands on luxury labels for less. Secondly, they’re easy to shop secondhand and resell if you’re making space in your wardrobe. Plus, designer bags surpass the sentimental value and gain monetary value with time. Securing a designer handbag is the best thing you can do for your future self. But if you’re like me and find it difficult to decide which designer handbag is worth buying, don’t fret.

I spoke with The RealReal’s merchandising manager, Kelly McSweeney, about why investing in a Valentino handbag is the move right now, and she shared the five best Valentino bags that have managed to retain their value over the years. They may not be your first handbag, but they’re bound to be just as valuable.


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For those who aren’t familiar with your work, what do you do? How did you become a luxury expert?

I am a merchandising manager at The RealReal, a position I’ve held for the past three years. Before joining TRR, I gained knowledge within the luxury space by working in wholesale at The Row and consulting for international department stores in a buying capacity.  

How has working at The RealReal changed how you view secondhand luxury handbags?

It has really opened my eyes to the investment potential of handbags and the value they add to your wardrobe. It’s no secret that buying secondhand is a great way to get a good deal, yet if you take care of your bags, they can still hold their value over time. In my three years of working at The RealReal, I’ve seen so many instances of people reselling handbags several years later, recouping their investment, and, in many cases, earning more!


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What do you wish more people knew about secondhand shopping? Are there any tips you wish you had known about luxury resale when you first started?

Think about all the pieces in your closet that you’ve bought and only ended up wearing once or a handful of times. So many pieces on The RealReal are hardly worn at all, but you’re getting this amazing deal on them. It's a win-win to be able to give these items the second life that they deserve. My favorite tip is to use our Saved Search feature on our app. I add anything I’m on the hunt for, like a new leather jacket or a specific vintage bag, and check my feed daily for when the perfect ones pop up in my size.


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What are some of the benefits of buying luxury handbags secondhand?

Many luxury handbags retain their value and make a great investment. With this in mind, look for classic styles that designers are known for that have withstood the test of time. If you’re a savvy shopper, you can also get ahead of trends in the primary market by shopping vintage on the secondary market. All designers revisit collections from the past to inspire new ones, and you can often find amazing vintage finds emulating a current look. And if you’re ahead of the curve, you’ll likely score a great find before the demand and prices catch up.


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What tips would you give to shoppers looking to take the plunge and invest in a Valentino bag?

Valentino bags that hold the highest resale value are those that are immediately recognizable. Think of their stud motif—the Rockstud, Candystud, and the newer Roman Stud—these styles are all brand classics. Even their VLogo has the same visually strong brand DNA to it. I’d suggest going with one of these Valentino staples for your first plunge.

What are some of shoppers’ biggest mistakes when looking for a Valentino handbag online? 

People get caught up in the newness. Remember, you don’t have to look only for the newest season—unless that’s what you have your heart set on. Like most luxury brands, Valentino carries forward their best-selling signatures throughout each collection, and the beauty of resale is that you can find exact styles from a few seasons back and pay less.

As someone well versed within the secondhand market, which Valentino handbag styles have retained their value over the years?

1. Rockstud Camera Bag


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The Rockstud has become synonymous with Valentino, and we’re seeing a spike in popularity again after many years on the market (pun intended). Average sale prices of Rockstud bags have steadily grown over the past couple of years, making this style an obvious choice.

Shop the Rockstud Camera Bag:

2. Rockstud Spike Bag


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If you’re looking for something a bit louder or edgier, the Rockstud Spike is a great, bold choice. On average, these bags sell 60% more than any other style in 30 days on The RealReal.

Shop the Rockstud Spike Bag:

3. Roman Stud Top-Handle Bag


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Judging by the longevity of the Rockstud, the newer XL Roman Stud is sure to stand the test of time for Valentino. This style is currently holding up to 80% of its original retail value.

Shop the Roman Stud Top-Handle Bag:

4. VSling Bag


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For those looking for a subtler choice that is still noticeably luxurious, the VSling, a classic top-handle silhouette, is a solid choice (or you can opt for the shoulder bag version if you prefer). Either way, the resale value for Valentino handle bags has risen +50% in the last five years, proving the style’s staying power. 

Shop the VSling Bag:

5. SuperVee Crossbody Bag


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This is the number one most obsessed Valentino bag on TRR this month, proving that bold hardware has caught the eyes of many.

Shop the SuperVee Crossbody Bag:


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There are so many luxury handbag brands out there, but why would you suggest investing in a Valentino bag? What about this brand makes it a worthwhile investment?

Valentino’s resale value has continued to rise every year, which only proves its investment value. In just the past year, Valentino handbags have experienced a 17% increase in resale value. As Valentino continues to dive into trends and become the ‘It brand’ in fashion, we can expect a continued upward trajectory, making this an excellent time to invest in a Valentino handbag.

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