People Keep Complimenting These Bags, so I Keep Buying Them

I'm admittedly a bit of an accessory fiend. (That's an understatement—I'm a huge accessory fiend.) I'll take a cool bag or pair of shoes over a pretty dress any day. Something that I can wear multiple times in any given week is a win in my book. Which brings me to the brand that I find especially irresistible as of late: Los Angeles–based Staud.

As many in-the-know girls will tell you, Staud is the rising star brand that they swear by and that you probably see all over Instagram. While I adore everything it does, the one thing that I keep coming back for is its bags. I currently own three: a velvet pouch that I carry both day and night, a chocolate brown faux-fur bag that's deliciously plush, and its new fisherman's net bucket bag.

The reason I can't resist its bags (aside from the reasonable price points) is that every single time I carry one—which is often—they attract tons of compliments and inquiries as to where they're from. And there's nothing that validates a purchase more than wanting to wear it on repeat and receiving compliments every time you do. Needless to say, I can't wait to add to my collection whatever jewel of a handbag Staud releases next.

Shop my favorite Staud bags below, and prepare to welcome the abundance of compliments to come.