We Swear: These 9 Sandals Will Never Give You Blisters

No really, we swear! There is no worse feeling in the summer than having all of the super-cute shoes you own rub and blister all over your feet, ultimately ruining any fun seasonal activity you were participating in. Unlike sneakers or ankle boots, not that those are 100% blister-free, sandals tend to have all sorts of strappy contraptions that touch parts of your foot that normally go unbothered. Discovering the pairs that are equal parts stylish and comfortable can be difficult without actually testing them IRL. 

Well, today we're here help you cheat the system a bit. If you are in the market for a new pair of comfortable sandals that won't give you the worst blisters of your life, the nine pairs ahead have been tried and tested. Our lovely Who What Wear editors have graciously shared their go-to comfortable sandals for your shopping pleasure. From classic Birkenstocks to a few fashion-girl favorites, the selection ahead is basically a curation of pillows for your feet. 

"These sandals from Zara are one of my best buys from last summer. And they're so popular they have had them in stock ever since. Not only are they the perfect sandals for vacation outfits, but they're also comfortable enough for lots of walking."



"These sandals are made of super-high-quality materials (in fact, they were handmade in Tuscany), which I think is part of the reason they're so comfortable. Beyond the style and comfort, what I love about them is that the brand is really transparent with its pricing, which is something I don't think we see enough in the retail environment."

"The chunky soles make these slides one of the most supportive I've ever slipped my feet into, and the wide straps make them extra comfy to wear. I never even had to deal with that awkward break-in period with them, which for me is a major plus."

"These are seriously the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. The foam footbed provides cushy support, and the adjustable straps are ideal to adjust to your foot size. Plus, sporty sandals are super on trend right now and look cool with all my summer frocks."



"I'm not really the Birkenstock type, TBH, but these are a permanent fixture at the front of my closet during summer. They're so supportive and comfortable and actually look surprisingly cute with certain outfits."

"Thanks to the butter-soft leather and wide, stretchy straps, these Stuart Weitzman sandals are so comfortable I could walk around in them all day. They're perfect for the weekends, but sometimes I can't help but wear them to work, too."

"I've purchased multiple pairs of these Soludos sandals because they're the most comfortable ones I own. Here's photographic proof I've been wearing them since 2017."



"I have really high arches, which means wearing flat sandals typically hurts my feet more than helps them. However, this chic pair from Ancient Greek Sandals makes me wonder what all the other flat sandals I've ever worn were doing wrong. I wear these to the beach, running errands, and with fun summer dresses. The styling options are endless, and there is absolutely no sign of blisters or uncomfortable rubbing post-wear."

"Maybe it's my comfort-first Minnesota roots or the fact that I'm a beauty editor and not a fashion editor (ha!), but my old-faithful pair of suede Birkenstocks is my summer go-to. I know they're a bit controversial in terms of how 'stylish' they are, but I wear them with everything, they never make my feet hurt or give me blisters, and I can't seem to go a full day without wearing them at some point during the summer months. I've worn them since high school, and I'll probably wear them until the day I die."