The 6 Colours Arket, & Other Stories and H&M Are Backing This Summer


It’s fair to say there are plenty of good things to look forward to about summer: jetting off on Mediterranean holidays, listening to a great band at your favourite festival, whiling away the weekends in your local pub garden with far too much rosé… I could go on. But one quite niche thing I always really look forward to is embracing more colour in my wardrobe. In autumn/winter, I’m all about those classic neutrals that are easy to layer. But in summer, my inner extrovert comes out, and all I want to wear is printed shirts, bold dresses and bright swimwear. Yes, tonal whites, beiges and creams can look really chic in summer, but there’s just something really feel-good (not to mention flattering) about a bright colour against sunkissed skin.

In my expert opinion, when it comes to wearing colour in summer, anything goes. Wear your favourite shade from head to toe, or try out some expensive-looking combinations—you do you. But each year, by about this time, it becomes clear that there are certain pantones the fashion set (and subsequently the high street) are championing in particular for the season ahead. Take one scroll through the new-in sections of Arket, & Other Stories and H&M right now, and it will become evident pretty quickly what these hero shades are. 

From tomato red to fresh orange to sea blue, it’s an explosion of juicy colour for 2022 (alongside some buttery creams if you prefer to tone it down a little). Whether it’s an easy-to-style button-down shirt, a statement accessory to add an accent to your look or a bold dress for an instant happy outfit, the pieces below embrace the six colour trends our favourite high street stores are backing this summer and beyond. 

1. Sea Blue


(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

Think of the many shades of the Mediterranean Sea when it comes to buying blues this summer, and you’ll get it spot on. Whether you choose deeper or lighter shades, blue is a flattering colour on all skin tones and against all hair colours.


2. Tomato Red


(Image credit: @naaomiross)

A personal favourite, this orangey-red is always striking whether you opt for a pop with a simple sandal or a full-on maxi dress. It looks great with denim and tan leather accessories.


3. Fresh Orange


(Image credit: @femmeblk)

Who needs that thirst-quenching fresh orange at your favourite hotel breakfast buffet when you can wear your vitamin C instead? Or you could always indulge in both. I plan on wearing the H&M maxi to all the weddings I’m invited to for the foreseeable future.


4. Buttercream


(Image credit: @charlottejacklin)

If brights scare you, don’t fear. Buttery shades are coming through as well this summer. Pair your off-whites with other tonal shades and timeless black accessories for an expensive-looking summer outfit. 


5. Apple Green


(Image credit: @charlottekuhrt)

Green has been the fashion person’s colour of choice when making a statement for a good few years now, and it doesn’t show any signs of dipping in popularity. It looks freshest against crisp white layers and straw accessories.


6. Power Pink


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Not for shy and retiring types, pink is a power play this summer. Nothing will make you feel more tropical on those balmy summer holiday evenings. 


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Opening image: @the_oluwaseun