These 5 Youthful Colors Are the Secret Weapons of Celebrities Over 40

colors celebrities wear to look younger


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Amal ClooneyJennifer LopezTracee Ellis Ross—what do they all have in common? Aside from topping our list of the chicest celebrities over 40, they've all honed in on a strong sense of personal style, and their consistent fashion choices are proof of that. Since celebs over a certain age have figured out their style better than most, it's only natural that they would each have honed in on a few key colors that make them look and feel their absolute best.

I think it goes without saying that regardless of age or any other distinguishing factor, choosing to wear whatever color makes you feel amazing will always translate to you looking amazing, too. But nonetheless, there are always lessons to be learned from our most stylish mature muses and today that lesson is focused on the colors these celebrities wear to look younger—five hues in particular. Apart from our own opinion that these color look great on, we have the intel from the president and chief color maven of Sensational Color, Kate Smith, on exactly why each of them contributes to a youthful appearance.

Curious to discover which colors these celebs have added to their style arsenal? Keep reading to find out why Smith recommends these specific colors, see how the chicest over-40 stars wear them and then shop our picks of each.


Instead of opting for a pale or blush pink, Smith says to embrace a deeper hue like red-violet. "Think rich magenta toned down by red or the colors that range from fuchsia to raspberry," she advises. It only takes one glance at the below iconic Tracee Ellis Ross ensemble from the 2018 Emmy Awards red carpet to understand just why this bold color works so well.

Tracee Ellis Ross


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WHO: Tracee Ellis Ross

Jane Fonda youthful colors


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WHO: Jane Fonda


Periwinkle, a medium blue with a touch of purple or violet, is another color that Smith says looks incredible on mature women. "Hair and skin tones 'cool' with age," she says, "and the blue-based hue, often called periwinkle, works beautifully no matter where your skin tone falls in the range between warm and cool."

Jennifer Lopez youthful colors


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WHO: Jennifer Lopez

Kerry Washington youthful colors


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WHO: Kerry Washington

New Black

It's counter-intuitive, but Smith says that true black may have the opposite effect of giving you a youthful appearance since it's often too severe against mature skin. Instead, be open to trying charcoal gray, navy blue, or another deep color. "It will soften the look of lines and be much kinder to your appearance than deep black," she noted. "If black has been your go-to color, it may be difficult to give it up. You may just discover how much better you like your 'new black' than the one you've been wearing."



Amal Clooney youthful colors


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WHO: Amal Clooney

Cindy Crawford youthful colors


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WHO: Cindy Crawford


Just like black, it's best to avoid a true white, which can often have a too-intense effect. Instead, Smith advises looking for pieces that come in off-white shades like cream, "a hue that looks great on women with naturally warm or delicate, cool complexions and anyone with a suntan." It have the same overall look as if you were wearing true white but are much softer and more forgiving.


Michelle Obama younger looking colors


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WHO: Michelle Obama


"Turquoise is a universally flattering color that brings out a rosy glow on lips and cheeks," Smith noted. Since this color can skew more blue or more green, she says it's all about finding a shade of turquoise that works well with your tone. To do so, simply look down at the color of the veins in your wrist. "If they look bluer or greener, then find a shade of turquoise that leans toward that color. If you have a medium-to-dark skin tone, just about any mid-tone turquoise will look great."

Victoria Beckham younger-looking colors



WHO: Victoria Beckham

Kate Middleton younger-looking colors


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WHO: Kate Middleton

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