Celebrities Over 40 Swear By These 10 Outfits

We’re inspired by women of all ages, but we often uncover some of the most fashion-forward outfit ideas from those over 40 years old. There is just a certain level of confidence that lies within this set given their years of experimenting with personal style to uncover what works, rather than what's trendy. While we turn to our friends, family, and the street elite for sartorial guidance, celebrities over 40 influence our style as well. 

In fact, after scrolling through a range of imagery recently, it became clear that there are actually 10 outfit formulas we consistently see among this fashionable set. These looks are all easy, effortless, and impossibly sophisticated. Keep scrolling to get inspired by some of the coolest A-listers that are 40 and over—and find your new go-to look (complete with shopping inspo) that will work no matter when you were born.