C'est Fini—7 Items French Women Are Gutting From Their Closets


The stereotypes that plague French-girl style the most are that it's completely timeless and anti-trend. While that's true to an extent—any image search will surface outfits comprised of the same few wardrobe classics—it doesn't reflect the reality that French women go through style cycles just like anyone else. And just like us, they add, edit, and remove things from their closets every few months. The difference I've noticed is that they tend to be pickier when it comes to new styles, so in the end, their closet clean-outs are smaller touch-ups rather than intense overhauls.

To investigate what French women are editing out of their closets right now, I asked six stylish Parisians about the results of their latest closet clean-outs—what they removed, what stayed, and what might be added. To my delight and I think yours, too, their answers were good. Ahead, see what isn't resonating as much with them anymore along with the classics they'll never toss.

Gutting: Skinny Jeans

Keeping: Straight and Flared Cuts


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WHO: Léna Farl, content creator

How often do you audit your closet? When was your last clean-out?

I actually did a massive clean-out in December to start the New Year on a good note.

What did you remove this time?

In addition to all the clothes that were too small or outworn, I also got rid of all my skinny jeans to make room for more straight or flared cuts, which I think are timeless pieces and a must-have for an elevated and effortless chic Parisian style.

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Keeping: Blazers, Trench Coats, and Slip Dresses


(Image credit: @lenafarl)

Anything else you're keeping?

I'm also keeping all the classic and timeless pieces I've owned for several years such as oversize blazers, slip dresses, trench coats, and all my vintage treasures that I know will never go out of trend.

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Gutting: Obvious Designer Logos

Keeping: Timeless Designer Logos


(Image credit: @tamaramory)

WHO: Tamara Mory, content creator

When was the last time you did a closet clean-out?

I just moved to Lisbon, so I'm actually in the middle of a closet clean-out! I'd say I do it at least once every six months.

What did you remove this time?

In my last one, I removed the pieces with designer logos. For example, I'm getting rid of some of my Gucci accessories, as I like wearing things [from] the brand [that aren't] too obvious when we see it.

What did you hold on to?

The only logo I'm not bored of yet is Chanel. I consider my Chanel accessories as classics, and I don't think I'll ever want to get rid of them. They go so well with everything.

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Gutting: Too Many Colorful Prints

Keeping: A Select Few Summertime Prints


(Image credit: @tamaramory)

Anything else you got rid of?

I'm also getting rid of some items with prints that bored me. I like to have good basics that will last in time, and usually, colorful prints always end up annoying me. There are, of course, some prints I couldn't get rid of, like the ones from Réalisation or Faithfull the Brand. They are just too beautiful, and I'm always so happy to wear them on summertime."

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Gutting: Too Many High Heels

Keeping: Flat Shoes and Low-Heeled Boots


(Image credit: @erinoffduty)

WHO: Géraldine Boublil, founder, Erin Off Duty blog

How often do you clean out your closet?

Every mid-season, I do a clean-out, and I just did one last month.

What did you remove from your latest clean-out?

This last time, I did remove lots of jeans, as I figured I always wear the same ones. I only kept the straight-leg and boyfriend ones. I also got rid of many high heels that I don't wear anymore.

What did you end up keeping?

I also kept the "classics," so lots of men's shirts, blazers, perfect-fit tees, cashmere, silk dresses, trench coats, flat shoes, and low-heel boots. I am also very much into neutral tones [that are] easy to match together.

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Gutting: Shades of Orange

Keeping: Uniform-Dressing Staples


(Image credit: @louloudesaison)

WHO: Chloé Harrouche, founder and creative director, Loulou Studio

How often do you audit your closet? 

I have to admit that I do this quite often. At least once a month, I sit down and look at what's happening—what I've been wearing, what I can edit out. Although I don't completely dispose of them, I put them in the bottom drawer or a separate smaller closet. I like cleaning almost as much as I like holding on to things, especially because, for some time now, I have been going for special investment pieces that I see as a sort of personal collection.

What did you remove in your last one? 

This is really guided by desire and intuition. I could be focalizing on a certain color, which after a while I would take out and move on from. A few seasons ago, I had this fixation on shades of oranges that I feel now I am ready to clear out.

What did you end up keeping?

There is always a closet foundation that does not move: Loulou Studio essentials with jeans that will always be there, … a pile of T-shirts I always go back to, that one button-down shirt, and my favorite cashmere knits. While some pieces move around, get introduced, and edited out, having this base helps me create combinations in a way that is easy and functional, a sort of uniform that gets worked and reworked depending on my mood and the season.

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Gutting: Chunky Boots

Keeping: Boots With Thin Heels


(Image credit: @frannfyne)

WHO: Franny Mozemba, vintage curator and content creator

How often do you audit your closet? 

The last time was at the end of September, mid-October because, in Paris, we were lucky to have great sun, so I hadn't yet put away my things for the spring/summer season. I tend to do a big sorting each start of the season. Sometimes, I don't because I also like to wear a few summer pieces in winter, pairing them with my warmer pieces.

What did you remove in your last one?

During my spring-cleaning, I took out my pairs of chunky shoes. I wanted boots with thin heels that refine the silhouette, but lately, as I've been running all over the streets of Paris for my appointments, the New Balance 550 sneakers are really my allies.

What are you keeping?

In my wardrobe currently, I'm keeping all the items that I feel good in and, above all, that keep me warm, such as blazers, woolen sweaters, cardigans, woolen pleated skirts, and jeans (my favorites). In other words, quite classic and timeless pieces that I can easily pair with everything for those casual, effortless looks that I like.

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Gutting: Difficult-to-Style Pieces

Keeping: Long-Term Investments


(Image credit: @vikilefevre)

WHO: Anne-Victoire Lefevre, fashion brand consultant 

How often do you audit your closet? 

Each season, so twice a year—sometimes more when I have the clean fever.

What did you remove in your last one?

I removed some strong pieces that are really nice to watch but that I never wear, like a coat that was not oversize enough to wear with thick sweaters or a printed sweater with too much color that I could pair with nothing. Also, this sweater that I love so much but that I wore too much [that] has pilling. Or a pair of jeans that you keep for "when you will be thinner," but it never happens, and you have several like this. Or the accessories that match only one outfit. My apartment is too small for that.

Is there anything you're looking to add now? 

After getting rid of several pieces, now, I can justify buying an expensive piece I've been eyeing for a long time without feeling too guilty.

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