Yes, French Women Try Trends, Too—5 They're Into Now


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Type "French style" in your Google search bar and a plethora of images will surface that feature simple outfits like jeans and blazers and ballet flats. While there's nothing inherently wrong with this, it just doesn't reflect the reality of what French style really is. Despite the stereotype of strictly classic silhouettes, French women are just as tuned in to current trends as American women. The difference I've noticed is that they're much pickier when it comes to the new styles they'll actually wear since French women place such a high value on timelessness.

To investigate the winter 2023 trends that are passing their tests, I asked five stylish Parisians about the one trend that's entered their closets this season—and stayed. To my delight and I think yours, too, their answers were good. Ahead, see which five winter trends are good enough for French women.

Long Denim Skirts


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"The fashion trend I’m following at the moment, which I love for its effortless and chic side depending on how you mix it. It is the midi or long denim skirt in a raw color. I love its timeless side, moreover for me you don’t have to wait for it to be "in fashion” to release it. It’s the kind of piece you need to have in your dressing room and wear it in all seasons like a good, well-cut Levi's. You can wear it during the day with a good sweater, blouse or cardigan or in the evening with a nice top and a nice blazer with high boots and thin heeled sandals by decorating it with some refined jewelry and a golden chain belt or silver according to your preference to make the look a bit more couture." — Franny Mozemba


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Shearling-Lined Jackets


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"The cold season is definitely upon us and I’m all about staying warm and comfortable but still cute. I’m ditching very fancy ultra feminine pieces which I usually wear and replacing them with super cozy more casual pieces such as the faux shearling aviator jacket like the Zara one which went viral two months ago. I recently got one from Ducie. It’s cropped, camel-colored and white-trimmed. It goes really well with a simple pair of light blue jeans or a pair of black leggings. Here I styled it it with my Lululemon flared pants and my very trendy platform UGGs. I love that it’s an investment piece which will last far beyond its seasonal trendiness. Shearling jackets never go out of style and have become a wardrobe staple for all the fashionistas à toi d the globe." — Ellie Nes


Baggy Pants


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"My favorite trend right now is baggy pants like cargo or parachute style. I love the comfort and bad ass style it gives to me. And to keep it sexy i like matching them with cropped tops or tanks if the weather allows. If not i go for the total oversized look with a boyfriend sweater." — Tamara Mory


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Pops of Bright Color


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"Even though my current instagram feed is more about effortlessly chic, neutral style, I feel like my love for color will inevitably find its way into my winter looks very soon! I'm all about the dopamine dressing and mood-boosting shades. Especially when considering dressing for cold and grey winter days. While I won't necessarily opt for a fully colored outfit every day (even though I would love to) I will definitely add a splash of color like a vibrant green bag or flashy pink sweater to enhance the outfit." — Léna Farl


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White Coats


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"I’m so into white coats or white accessories right now. It’s just important that the pieces are strong enough, to choose the perfect fit and not in total look. I love quality materials like woolen cloth, nappa leather, or even angora or faux fur… And I’ll mix with a simple look as the coat or accessory will be the master piece." — Viki Lefevre


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