I Just Found the Staples French Girls Never Toss Hiding at Nordstrom

If you're a fan of simple and effortless French-girl style, then you've come to the right place. As someone who studies French style like it's my job (well, it sort of is), I'm acutely aware of what they're wearing this season and beyond. And as any good Francophile knows, their style is pretty seasonless. In other words, French people tend to be very picky with their wardrobe—they rely on a curated list of wardrobe staples and tend to wear them on repeat with various outfit combinations. It also means that they don't cycle through their clothes as frequently.

Because of this observation, I'm pretty confident in stating that the French won't ever toss certain staples. Things like blazers, vintage-inspired denim, and ballet flats are all on this list, and—surprise—I found all of them on for you today. On a recent visit to an American standby, Nordstrom, I came across a trove of French-inspired wardrobe staples and they were too good not to share.

Behold—the ultimate Nordstrom shopping list if easy, effortless, and classic French style is what you're after. Look no further than the below 29 items. 

Tailored maxi skirts are all I want to wear, and French people seem to agree.

Style them with leggings and a wool jacket like a true Parisian.

Breton stripes have been a fashion mainstay for ages—and they aren't going anywhere. 

You heard it here first: blazers with nipped-in silhouettes are the new It style.

Don't even think about leaving the house without one.

A classic camel trench will remain in your closet a lifetime.

Denim trends may come and go, but vintage-inspired jeans are forever. 

French girls have been wearing them for decades, even if the rest of us have just started to.

A cool leather jacket is simply a must.

This hardware looks so expensive to me.

French people will never ditch their high-waisted-straight-leg jeans.

For a special occasion or wedding, I could see her wearing something elegant like this.

Cute cardigans are the backbone of so many French wardrobes.

These are a 2023 wardrobe prerequisite, no matter which country you hail from.

Never underestimate the power of a simple but well-made leather belt.

If a French girl is going to wear color, I can get it's going to be via a classic item like this tweed jacket.

Mary Janes may be a stereotype of French style, but they're definitely having a moment in 2023.

This brand was founded by a Parisian content creator, and the basics are some of the best quality I've experienced.

I need everyone to know that the fit of these trousers is impeccable.