Whatever the Trend, Cindy Crawford Did It First and Did It Better

Cindy Crawford is one in a handful of women who can legitimately call themselves a supermodel—heck, she and her peers started the fashion phenomenon. While we'll never tire of her catwalk photos with her fellow OGs (including Naomi, Claudia, Linda and Christy), her '90s off-duty style is also worth revisiting. Twenty years ago, Cindy still relied on the same signatures as she does now—denim, tailored jackets and little black dresses. The shoulder pads were a little bigger, and the hair had noticeably more mousse, but she is proof that a signature style with just a few small tweaks can look chic for decades.

In 2017, it's fair to say there's plenty of attention surrounding Cindy's 15-year-old daughter's burgeoning modelling career (and ridiculously chic teenage wardrobe), but we'll always have big love for the glamazon who initiated our current interest in supers and their personal style. Scroll through below to see 10 of our favourite vintage Cindy Crawford looks—be warned it might result in you purchasing some mom jeans.


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Style Notes: Cindy Crawford almost always wears a black dress on the red carpet, and at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1993, she wore a black sheer slip dress with an embellished bodice and a spotted tulle overlay with a gothic cross pendant falling on her waist.


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Style Notes: Rather than the jeans and T-shirts supermodel style in the '90s was all about, Cindy often opted for the more high-octane formula of shoulder pads, hair spray and red lipstick.


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Style Notes: At a Revlon event in 1992, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford wore oversize white shirts with red preppy jumpers looped around their waists and shoulders. Something we'd like to do today.


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Style Notes: Celebrity airport style might seem like a recent phenomenon, but we love this relaxed navy suit and matching horsebit loafer combo Cindy wore to Los Angeles International Airport back in 1992. Navy suits are such a Cindy signature that she even wore an Armani one to her wedding to Richard Gere.


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Style Notes: Vinyl leather might be so 2017, but Cindy did it the first time around in her oversize patent-leather jacket and black miniskirt.

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Style Notes: The denim shorts, tie-front white shirt and silver hoop earrings Cindy Crawford wore in her iconic Super Bowl Pepsi advert in 1992 is arguably her most iconic look. Cindy has since explained that a pair of jeans were customised on set and cut into a pair of hot pants.


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Style Notes: We love this all-American look, with a classic college varsity jacket, a miniskirt and the perfect blow-dry. From the motif tee to the bomber jacket and semi-opaque tights, this has many current reference points.


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Style Notes: You know by now that Cindy loved shoulder pads in the early '90s, and this belted little black dress with a boxy tuxedo jacket she wore to promote her calendar in 1990 is a classic look, despite the epoch-defining silhouette.


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Style Notes: This outfit from 1993 is a look we'd like to wear to travel in on any given day: Mom jeans with a black roll-neck and a smart blazer is a tried-and-tested ensemble.


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Style Notes: This has to be Crawford's most glamorous look. At an event in New York in 1990, she wore a red body-con dress to match her signature lipstick with diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds.

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Emma Spedding