These Are the Most Practical, Stylish Airport Outfits

It's safe to say that the obsession with celebrity airport style has gone from being "a thing" to a constant mainstream source of sartorial inspiration (we'll take partial credit for that). The problem is that while they're fun to look at, the outfits that celebs choose for air travel are often more for the paparazzi than they are for comfort. (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley even admitted to changing into more suitable travel attire on the plane.)

That's not to say that practical, comfortable, and stylish celebrity airport outfit inspiration doesn't exist. There are plenty of instances when these stylish women have found perfect outfit formulas that are accessible and easy to copy, and we dug them up for you, dear reader. From Emma Roberts's denim-on-denim look to Bella Hadid's comfy leggings-and-sneaker combo, you'll want to pin every one of these outfits.

Keep scrolling to see and shop our favorites! (Heads-up: Five out of seven of them involve sneakers.)

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