The Designer Your Favourite Celebrities Are All Obsessed With This Year

Lately, there’s one brand that seems to be everywhere. And when we say everywhere, we mean all of our favourite celebrities and fashion girls seem to buying it (and posting pics it on IG). Enter, Jacquemus. Surprised? Probably not, chances are you’ve been seeing their micro bags and funky heel shapes everywhere—but no matter how popular the brand seems to be, we still can’t get enough.

With completely fresh takes on old classics, Jacquemus rolls out stunning styles over and over again with each feeling fresher than the one that came before. Though the brand has been around for years, it seems to be gaining real momentum right now—and we can only hope that it continues on this trajectory. To see everyone from Beyoncé to Kendall Jenner wearing Jacquemus both on and off the red carpet, scroll through the gallery below. If you're feeling inspired to shop the brand yourself, continue on to see our picks below.


(Image credit: Splash News )

WHO: Beyoncé

WEAR: Jacquemus Sol Asymmetric Ruffled Skirt


(Image credit: Getty Images)

WHO: Hailey Baldwin

WEAR: Jacquemus Suedade Dress


(Image credit: Splash News)

WHO: Rihanna

WEAR: Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito 


(Image credit: Getty Images)

WHO: Selena Gomez

WEAR: Jacquemus Soeula Curved Hem Dress


(Image credit: Getty Images)

WHO: Olivia Culpo

WEAR: Jacquemus Santon Structured Mini Dress


(Image credit: Splash News)

WHO: Kendall Jenner

WEAR: Jacquemus La Jupe Culotte

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