I've Lived in California My Entire Life and Always Bought These 25 Summer Items

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 finds on their current wish list.

I think we can all agree: Summer is looking a bit different this year. And just because my trip to Hawaii was canceled and those European vacation dreams I had mapped out a few months ago have since gone into the garbage, it doesn’t mean I’m not celebrating the warmer days closer to home. (Plus, I live in L.A., so I really can’t complain.)

Since I’ll be staying on the west coast, I’m looking to some of my favorite local fashion girls to get some inspiration for what to buy for the months ahead. The first person I turned to? California native and designer of every celebrity’s favorite swim brand, Frankies Bikinis, Francesca Aiello. Her IG (and the Frankies IG!) is filled with dreamy beach photos, cute summer outfit inspo, beauty tips, and bikinis galore, so I knew I could count on her.

"Summer dressing has always been my happy place. From an early age, I noticed I felt more comfortable in a bikini or any of my summer clothes compared to heavy jackets or any winter-related clothes," Aiello says. “Showing skin makes me feel free, confident, and beautiful!” Want to see the 25 items she can't live without every summer? Keep scrolling and get your shopping carts ready because trust me: This girl knows what she's talking about.

Even prior to the lockdown, I was always obsessed with sweat sets and being as cozy as possible. You could catch me every day at the office in my tie-dye Frankies Bikinis Burl hoodie and Aiden sweatpants!

Finding the perfect beachy lip color to go with my tan can be hard. I love Glossier's Balm Dot Com in cherry. I dab it on all day long to avoid my lips looking washed out next to my bronzed skin.

Speaking of being bronzed, I love keeping my tan throughout all seasons. To avoid skin damage, I try to use self-tanners as much as possible. I really adore Tan-Luxe’s The Face self-tan drops in light/medium. It's one of the few self-tanners that doesn’t cause breakouts on my skin or have funky smells.

Another beauty must-have for me is a good mascara. I never do heavy makeup, so finding the right mascara that makes my lashes look the longest and fullest is always a top priority for me. I love this Chanel one because it covers all my mascara needs.

A necessity for me is a thick and hydrating moisturizer. (Being a beach girl takes a toll on my skin!) Usually, I get out of the ocean and head home with pretty dry skin, so I immediately lather this cream all over my face and neck. This product has been my saving grace over the years and is so easy to stock up on it on Amazon!

The Frankies Bikinis beauty gift set has been my go-to for years. Although we just recently launched beauty, I’ve been formulating these products since 2016 and using them to keep my summer glow year-round. In the summer, I always have a set in my purse or beach bag because I reapply them throughout the day.

Sandals are back, baby! I am seeing so many It girls styling trendy outfits with OG sandals, which I love. I always need something easy to slip on as I eagerly make my way down to the beach, which is why I love Havianas so much.

Summer dressing is all I know. I remember heading to snowy vacations and not having a single outfit to put together in my closet. This dress is one of my favorite pieces for summer 2020. It's so chic, and my bikini goes perfectly underneath it.

Working out during lockdown has been the only thing keeping me sane! I start my day off in workout clothes every day, Alo Yoga being my absolute favorite. The high-waist biker short is my go-to for working out on my deck in the sun!

I have been using Skin Trip as my body lotion for as long as I remember. It's light weight, plus the smell brings me back to being on the beach and waxing my surfboard (aka heaven!).

In my opinion denim, cutoffs and bikinis will always go together like peanut butter and jelly. I could fill my closet with jean shorts and be the happiest girl around. These shorts are a gem—I always size up because I love baggy everything!

Choosing a favorite bikini is like choosing a favorite child for me; however, I am so in love with our new terry-cloth fabric in the Barb set! It brings me back to wearing terry-cloth dresses to the beach as a little girl.

One might not initially guess this about me, but I am such a sneaker head! I love pairing all my girly outfits with sneakers. It’s me in a nutshell: half girly-girl, half tomboy. All-white Nike Air Force 1s will always be a styling staple for me.

I always get asked how my skin looks so flawless, and the truth is it's not. I give all credit to Giorgio Armani's luminous silk foundation for covering up all my redness and blemishes. I mix shades 5.75 and 6.0 for my perfect color, and I will never not recommend this product.

Another favorite beauty product of mine is C & The Moon’s body scrub. Not only does it leave your skin silky smooth, but it also smells like heaven. Plus, it's a female-owned company by an amazing woman I grew up with in Malibu.

This product is specifically for saving all my water girls' hair. Growing up going from Junior Lifeguards to water-polo practice, my hair was thin, green, and smelled of chlorine even if I hadn’t been in the pool for days. Olaplex has been the only hair mask I've noticed that makes a difference. I love my stringy beach hair, but I also love trying to keep it as healthy as possible.

Let's talk bags: I am such a purse junkie, it can be ridiculous how much I constantly need to talk myself out of another bag purchase! Bottega Veneta’s chain pouch in black leather is my new favorite. It fits all my goodies, and I was even naughty on my last trip to St. Barths and brought it with me to the beach.

You probably think I have a shopping addiction at this point, but the truth is I just love fashion and beauty with all of my heart. Ocular protection is so important to me since I spend most days in the sun. Saint Laurent has had some really amazing eyewear shapes lately, but one of my favorites and most recent purchases is their square-frame acetate sunglasses.

One of my favorite things is pairing high-end designer sunglasses with my casual beach girl look—I feel like it's an easy way to elevate my outfits. Another favorite pair of mine is Versace's cat-eye tortoiseshell glasses.

I am all about designing bikinis that work for the beach and beyond (aka more bang for your buck!). Imagine a gorgeous bathing suit that you'll spend all day swimming in and then throw a pair of flare jeans over with some kitten heels and head to dinner! The Penelope one piece in white eyelet has been a total dream for me.

My jewelry pieces are like a second skin to me—I never take them off. Recently, I have been loving any pieces that are in bright colors or have shells on them. This little necklace from Free People is too cute with wet hair, sandy skin, and bikini on, of course.

You guys probably know by now I love pairing casual, cheap pieces with luxe pieces. I recently bought this $30 flower-string necklace in blue, and I layer it with my diamond and gold necklaces.

I love pairing kitten heels with my looks, as they are less dramatic than a regular pump. These Simon Miller baby heels in black are another go-to for me.

One of my styling secrets is Hanes boys' tanks in white. I order them off Amazon in packs, and they are probably the most-used item in my closet. They truly are the missing basic piece that every outfit needs.

Last but certainly not least, scent! I’ve been using Essential Faith oil as my scent since 7th grade. My mom bought it for me after I came home crying because I got detention for wearing too short of skirts (isn't it funny the things we remember?), and I've been hooked ever since. It's another female-owned brand started in Venice Beach, and this is the one beauty product I have been using the longest (and one I hope to never live without). You put it on and instantly feel like a California girl no matter where you are in the world.