Bedroom Bikinis: 13 Ways Everyone's Wearing Their Swimsuits Inside

Recent COVID-19 updates have summer 2020 looking a lot different than summers passed. Time outdoors will be filled with restrictions and precautions, but that doesn't mean the use of your swimsuits has to change along with it. So far, as we have all begun to adapt to this newfound time indoors, fashion girls have been proving that no matter what the state of the world is, they are getting ready for summer the only way they know how—by living in their bikinis. However, this time around, those bikinis are not being paraded around a beach or pool. Instead, they are taking center stage in the bedroom. 

I'm calling this new phenomenon of summer-ready house 'fits bedroom bikinis. Styled with normal clothing like denim, button-downs, jewelry, and more, bikinis have truly never looked chicer or more practical. As we further embrace cozy loungewear as the most important part of our wardrobes, bedroom bikinis will be just the summertime addition we need to make our lived-in sweatpants feel fresh and new

Ahead, discover how 13 fashion girls have been styling their swimsuits inside their own bedrooms, and shop the key items you'll need to re-create their looks. 

What you'll need: Cardigan + Bikini + High-Rise Jeans

What you'll need: Colored Sweatsuit + Bikini 

What you'll need: Cardigan + Bikini + Trousers + Thong Heels + Layered Necklaces

What you'll need: Big Blazer + Bikini + Sweatpants + Hoop Earrings

What you'll need: Straw Hat + Bikini + Loose Jeans

What you'll need: Delicate Jewelry + Bikini 

What you'll need: Bikini + Chain Belts

What you'll need: Oversize Button-Down + Bikini + Classic Sneakers

What you'll need: Button-Down + Bikini + Jean Shorts

What you'll need: Button-Down + Bikini + Statement Belt + Jeans

What you'll need: Oversize T-Shirt + Bikini + Chunky Bracelets 

What you'll need: Vacation Shirt + Bikini

What you'll need: Linen Shirt + Bikini + Body Chain + Jeans

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