The Best-Selling Nail Polishes From Sally Hansen Might Surprise You

The first time I wore nail polish, it was Sally Hansen. I don't remember the exact color, but I do remember I was probably 5 when my mom painted my nails, so it must have been a pink shade (my favorite color at the time). I can totally recall looking at my tiny little nails nonstop and thinking they were so shiny and pretty.

In middle school and high school, you would most likely see me sporting one of the brand's most iconic (and one of its first) products, Hard as Nails. Since I went to Catholic school, I wasn't allowed to wear colored nail polish, so I opted for clear to get that shiny, glossy look. I cannot look at a bottle without feeling nostalgic for those very awkward, but memorable, tween and teen years.

Since Sally Hansen founded the brand in 1946, it has been one of the OG beauty brands out there, I would take a guess that many of you have some kind of memory of its nail polishes. The brand has been serving up affordable beauty for generations.

And because it has been around for a while and has launched probably hundreds of different polish colors, I wanted to see what its best sellers were. The brand sent me the list, and let me tell you, some shades I expected (neutrals), but for others, I was totally surprised (glitter!). And as someone who finds consumer insights totally fascinating, it was pretty cool to see what everyone across the U.S. was wearing. (Okay, nerd-out moment over.) Now, take a look at the best sellers below.


(Image credit: @sally_hansen)

Get Mod

Clearly Quick

Crystal Blue

Black Out


(Image credit: @sally_hansen)


Wild Card


Pink Cloud


(Image credit: @sally_hansen)

Lady Millionaire


Well Well Well


(Image credit: @sally_hansen)

Black to Black

White on Time

Rosy Quartz

White Tea

Stay Classy

Sugar Fix

White On

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