15 Popular Nail Colors That Will Always Be in Style



When you're at the nail salon, there's one thing that's always going to be incredibly stressful: picking out a nail color. When faced with walls upon walls of polishes with slightly different tones and finishes, I can't help but to completely freeze up. There's nothing worse than leaving a salon and realizing I absolutely hate the color on my nails, and the only person I can blame is myself. 

To help make your next nail decision a bit easier, I've rounded up some of the most iconic nail polishes of all time for you to have on hand. These popular nail colors range from deep red nail polishes to simple nude nail colors, and I can guarantee that not a single one will lead to manicure remorse. Keep reading for some of the most popular nail colors out there. 

This petal-pink shade will always be a forever favorite. It's also a consistent top choice for bridal nails. 

Recently popularized as a base for Mrs. Hailey Bieber's donut glazed nails, this sheer white has always been a staple. 

If someone asked you to name an iconic nail polish, OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark might come to mind first. This classic almost-black vampy color will never go out of style. 

OPI Big Apple Red forever. This true red looks good one everyone. 

The iconic Dior color, Rouge 999, makes the chicest and sophisticated manicure that you can possibly imagine. 

I'd call this one a modern classic. There's no better polish for a blurred effect on your natural nails. 

Consider this pink-tinged clear coat the equivalent of a filter for your nails. It helps make your nails look perfect (no yellow stains here).

Who would have thought that a brown-toned grey shade would take the world by storm? That's exactly what Essie Chinchilly did, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Here it is: the most perfect shade of neutral pale pink. 

This creamy terra-cotta shade works for all skin tones and all seasons. Consider it somewhere between a bright color and a nude shade. 

A pink-toned coral red is hard to come by, but this iconic OPI shade manages to make it come to life. 

This black-red hybrid gives nails a dreamy, stained glass effect that just can't be replicated. 

For a dusty, brown-toned pink, you can't beat this Sally Hansen quick-drying color.