The 20 Chicest Pink Nail Colors of All Time, Ranked

Nothing is more deeply satisfying than finding your perfect shade of pink nail polish. It's a classic color, but depending on the time of year, event, mood, and skin tone (or the rest of your beauty aesthetic), your tastes might change. Sometimes, we want a barely there wash of sheer pink, and sometimes, we want opaque bubblegum. Other times, we want a polish that's the equivalent of a '70s disco party on our fingertips (aka as bright and glittery as formulaically possible).

There is definitely no shortage of gorgeous pink nail colors on the market. In fact, we'd say the overwhelming supply of options makes our desire to wear pink a little more challenging, How do you choose a pink when each brand has about 50 (or more) iterations to choose from? We're here to help. Below, we're ranking 20 editor- and industry-favorite pink nail colors to streamline your polish shopping process. Keep scrolling…


One-part nude, one-part pink, this forever favorite nail color is aptly named Ladylike and is a consistent best-seller from Essie.


OPI has no shortage of iconic pink nail colors. If you're someone who likes a pop of magenta, we suggest this top-seller coined as a "raspberry" shade of pink. 


Looking for something a bit more opaque and retro? Try this true light pink.


if you don't mind some shimmer and whimsy, no pink nail color can compare with this magical unicorn-esque hue from Smith & Cult. 


Described as an opaque shade of "guava" by the brand, there's simply no better antidote to the winter blues than swiping this punchy shade of pink on your fingertips. 


Orly's saccharine shade of pink nail color is the ultimate sugar fix. 


A zesty shade that's always selling out on Orly's website. (Buy it here and now on Amazon!) 


Don't let the fact that Olive & June is one of the newer brands on the polish market throw you off. The O&J's repertoire of shades (and this rose gold, in particular) are destined for iconic greatness, no questions asked. You'll be hard-pressed to find a glossier, creamier, polish out there.


We definitely get that glittering fuchsia isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you love playing up your nails with a "look at me" color, this one called Passion is a party in a bottle. 


I don't know one beauty editor who doesn't stan Love—Jinsoon's perfect shade of hot pink.


Zoya describes this beloved shade of pink as "a full-coverage mauve taupe with a subtle shimmer." It's one of those hues that's elegant and subtle but also unique enough to land you scores of compliments. 


When I asked my fellow beauty what her favorite pink nail color of all time was, she cited this pretty neutral hue without a moment's hesitation. 


If baby pink is your preference but you want to turn it up a notch, this glimmering soft shade called La Vie en Rose (so pretty) will be right up your alley. 


Calling all fuchsia fans everywhere: Zoya's top-selling pink nail color in Lola is the only bottle you'll ever need again to satisfy your hot-pink nail cravings. 


This rose-toned neutral pink nail color from the brand is another need-to-try option. 


Ballet-inspired shades always seem to reign supreme within the pink nail color family. This one by Chanel is called Ballerina and is practically perfect in every single way. 


"Quartz mountain," "crystal minerality," and "ambient pink" all describe J.Hannah cult peachy-pink nail color. As a beauty editor, I have about five colors from J. Hannah on my steady nail rotation—this is one of them!


I recently tried this flattering shade of pink from Dior (it's adorably called Charmed), and I can't stop wearing it or talking about it. It's hard to launch a unique shade of pink, but I always get questioned about what I'm wearing whenever I sport this new favorite. (It's limited edition, so snap it up fast!)


Nothing is chicer than wearing Chanel on any part of your body—even your fingertips. This famous shade called Organdi is the sheer light pink polish of your (and celeb nail artists') dreams. 


I mean, are you surprised? Never has a more iconic shade of baby pink ever existed. 

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