9 Beauty Experts Told Me Their Go-To Shade of Pink Nail Polish—I Won't Gatekeep

Best Pink Nail Colors



Very few nail polish shades are as versatile as classic pink. Pink is one of those shades that goes with absolutely everything—you can dress it up or down, and it looks immaculate on all skin tones. There are also tons of different pink nail polish shades to choose from. You can lean into the Barbiecore trend with a flamingo pink, opt for an effortless neutral with a muted sheer shade, or pick a shimmery color to add some pizzazz to any look. 

Name a nail polish brand, and chances are, they likely have at least 15 different shades of pink available (since pink will never go out of style, it is one of the most popular nail colors). It's tough to pick a pink nail polish with so many options available—the paradox of choice is real. To make your next manicure decision a little easier, we tapped nail experts to curate a list of the best pink polishes. Keep reading to find out the best pink shades on the market. 

1. Chanel Le Vernis in Diva

"The new Chanel Diva is an elevated bright pink that's one part fun, one part chic," says celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec.

2. Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

Nearly every beauty editor I've talked to names this classic shade from Essie as their go-to if they want pink nails. 

3. OPI Nail Lacquer in Strawberry Margarita

Hayley Dang, a nail artist at Bellacures, loves this pink because it suits all skin tones.

4. Chanel Le Vernis in Ballerina

"The most classic sheer pinky nude that looks gorgeous on every skin tone," says Mazz Hanna, Nailing Hollywood Agency CEO. "This is the perfect understated pink nail for a quiet-luxury vibe. It's also the perfect pinky base for a French mani with a bright pink tip."

5. JinSoon Nail Polish in Love

"Pink is a quintessential color that represents youthfulness, femininity, and playfulness," says Jin Soon Choi. "Trends may come and go, but pink's popularity and versatility in creating soft and vibrant nail looks remain strong." This is one of her favorite pink shades. 

6. Nails Inc. Naked in Neon Nail Polish in Sun Street Passage

"Nobody does a neon quite like Nails Inc.," says Hanna. "If you like a hot pink nail, look no further." Hot tip: Sun Street Passage is also Nails Inc. founder Thea Green's favorite pink polish, too. 

7. CND Vinylux Nail Polish in Be Demure

Kandalec says this is a "light Barbie-approved pink that isn't chalky."

8. Orly Heart Beet

"My favorite pink is Orly's Heart Beet," says Orly Brand Educator Grazziela Barney. "I love having a Barbie moment. It makes me feel both powerful and playful."

9. Dior Nail Glow

"This is the perfect pink jelly polish if you want to give your nails a vacation from gel or acrylic," says Hanna. "It adds the most beautiful, healthy pink glow that gets noticed. I love adding a few coats for a super juicy  and plumped look."

10. Orly Ethereal Plane

"[Orly Ethereal Plane] is soft and romantic but still brings the fun of chrome without the extra work," says Barney. 

11. Dazzle Dry XOXO

"My favorite shade of pink polish right now is Dazzle Dry's XOXO," says nail artist Hannah Mankin Thayer. "It's the perfect soft blushy pink that beautifully compliments any skin tone."

12. Lights Lacquer Girl From Ipanema

"Other than being a gorgeous shade of pink, the rainbow holo is eye-catching in the summer sun, and the jelly finish is not only super on-trend, it's incredibly versatile," says Kandalec. 

13. OPI Nail Lacquer in Mod About You

This light bubblegum is another one of Dang's favorite pink shades. 

14. Jinsoon Nail Polish in Dolly Pink

Choi also loves this extremely versatile blush-colored pink. 

15. Orly Kaleidoscope Eyes

"When you think of pink, this is the color you think of," says Hanna. "The perfect bubblegum shade that looks cute on nails of all shapes and sizes."

16. Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik calls this sheer pink the "photoshoot go-to shade."

17. Essie Nail Polish in Vanity Fairest

"[This is] a semi-sheer baby pink with a deliberate but understated shimmer," says Bachik. "It goes on smooth without streaks, even with a single coat. The perfect anytime shade."

18. Essie Nail Polish in Pencil Me In

"For those bright feel-good pick-me-up shades, I'm loving Essie's Pencil Me In," says Bachik. "A summer toes must!"