Manolo Blahniks Are an Investment You'll Never Regret—These Are the Best Pairs

When Anna Wintour, someone who could literally choose any shoes in the world, opts to wear the same pair every day, you take note. For the Vogue editor in chief, it’s Manolo Blahnik or nothing, and she was famously quoted saying that she “just doesn’t even look” at other brands in the 2017 documentary about the designer’s life. Clearly, she’s on to something, and Wintour is not alone in her devotion to Manolos. The designer’s beautiful footwear has graced the feet of so many of the world’s most stylish and elegant women, from Diana to KateMeghan to Carrie (Bradshaw, of course).

This fan base is not just a result of the shoes looking so fabulous, but it’s also because slipping them on genuinely feels like a Cinderella moment. Manolo designs for the way a shoe looks and flatters the foot, yes, but one of his main concerns is also how they feel—something I think everyone can appreciate. I was lucky enough to wear a pair of the Lurum heels on my wedding day, and let me tell you I never wanted to take them off, not even at 4 a.m. Supreme quality, comfort and design details all add up to make Manolos the perfect shoes. 

Best Manolo Blahnik Shoes: Hangisi pumps



More than just classic, Manolo Blahnik shoes go down in the fashion history books. And although that might sound intimidating and somewhat inaccessible, if you happen to have a spare few hundred pounds to invest wisely in your forever wardrobe, then owning a pair of Manolos is closer than you think. You can find the brand on Net-a-Porter these days, and not just a select few—all of Manolo’s most iconic styles are on there (yes, including those blue Hangisi pumps). 

So if you’ve been considering taking the leap for a while and want some guidance before you make the final decision, maybe you have a special occasion coming up that deserves a shoe to match, or you’ve already been working on your collection and you’re looking for you’re next purchase, keep scrolling to see and shop the seven best-ever Manolo Blahnik shoes you'll never regret investing in.



The Maysale is perhaps my favourite Manolo shoe, mainly because you can throw it on with jeans, and it still looks spectacular. 

A beautiful investment, as @symphonyofsilk proves in the image above. 

The dream wedding shoes—comfortable and showstopping. 


Simple, yes. Timeless, also yes. Jennifer Lawrence has recently been wearing these with so many outfits, and we can see why. 

This new linen pair has gone straight on my dream-wardrobe wish list. 

The perfect year-round heel to wear with, well, everything. 

You'll never regret adding these comfortable yet incredibly chic sandals to your arsenal. 


This new linen material looks so chic in a minimalistic capsule wardrobe. I'm sure Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would approve.

If you like making a statement with your shoes, opt for a bold colour. 


I love the sparkles of Lurum contrasted with denim for date night. 

These were my wedding shoes, and I can tell you they were the perfect height—not too low nor too high to feel uncomfortable—and the strap cradles the foot beautifully. 

Another pair that would look great with everyday denim as well as dressed up for evening affairs. 


Everyone should own a pair of Manolo's BB pumps to turn to for so many occasions. 

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are rarely seen without these at royal appearances because they know they look elegant and have the comfort factor.

A siren red heel is just as much of a classic as black. They work with dresses in summer and with rich velvet for the festive season.


Manolo does fabulous, over-the-top shoes very well. But if you're looking for a timeless investment you're going to get minimal cost per wear out of, opt for the understated classics. This is the modern interpretation of the sandals Anna Wintour has worn since 1994. 

The shape of Manolo heels are made to flatter the foot, and it also makes them instantly recognisable. 

If you like to wear heels to work, it's worth investing in a pair of these to wear with everything à la Wintour. 

I love how Net-a-Porter has styled these with loose jeans, making a simple shoe feel very modern.