Where to Buy the Best Leggings With Pockets

There's one design element that's an instant selling point for us, whether it's on a dress, a skirt, or a pair of workout leggings. Any guesses? We're talking about pockets—something that seems so minuscule but actually makes all the difference by providing easily accessible storage for the day-to-day necessities we reach for more often than we like to admit (chiefly our phones).

Frankly, there's no better feeling than discovering that the cute, flowy skirt you're debating purchasing is as functional as it is stylish. And the same can be said about a pair of leggings. With added compartments, the comfortable, breathable workout pants become all the more practical, providing a concealed place to store the essentials we typically bring to the gym.

Upon first glance, however, most of the leggings that have been designed with added compartments don't appear as such (because the pockets are placed either in the back or within the waistband), so when shopping for the workout pants online, it's important to read the product description. Which is exactly what we did to uncover the best leggings with pockets.

Our findings? Some of our go-to retailers, including Nordstrom, Amazon, Target, and Shopbop carry a wide range of trendy, moisture-wicking, über-functional options you can wear in and out of the gym. Ready to see our picks? Read on to shop leggings that are as trendy as they are functional.