How to Wear Leggings: The New Dos and Don'ts


Elite Images/Backgrid

Real talk: We're halfway through 2018, and at this point in time, "what to wear with leggings" has been discussed to death. But this is not just a story about styling them. This is a story about legging trends, finding the best fit, how to care for them, shopping mistakes, and the most popular styles. And we didn't just make this information up. We tapped an expert in the field: Danny Harris, the co-founder and CEO of Alo.

You're probably aware that Alo has long been a celebrity favorite for the coolest athleisure (it was founded way back in 2007), and the brand continues to set trends in the marketplace. I, for one, can't remember the last time I didn't see multiple people wearing Alo in a workout class. So let's just say that we were more than a little curious to hear from Harris about what the new dos and don'ts of wearing leggings in 2018 are.

Read on for all the intriguing insight straight from the source.

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