The 6 Flat Trends a Podiatrist Loves and Loathes



Even though they get don't always get as much airtime as the boots, sneakers, and heels we own, we can always rely on the comfort and simplicity a pair of flats provide. They're essentially the bread and butter of any woman's shoe rack. This is especially true if you're a city girl or someone who's constantly on the go—you probably take for granted how comfortable and effortless the shoes are, right?

Well, not always. You see, just like the buzzy sneaker styles and heels infiltrating all the retailers now, not all 2019 flat trends are made equal—at least not as far as a podiatrist is concerned. We fashion girls may be able to dream up an outfit at the first sight of a trendy pair of shoes, but a doctor preoccupied with the health of your feet has different ideas.

Enter podiatrist and Gotham Footcare founder Miguel Cunha. He weighed in on the biggest flat trends of the moment, sharing which he'd be overjoyed to see you wear—and which he advises avoiding like the plague. From classics like loafers that you can't go wrong with to more surprising offenders like ballet flats (he's got mixed feelings), the doctor shared his unfiltered thoughts on the matter. Keep reading to discover and shop the best flat shoes for feet (and consequently, the worst).