4 Flat-Shoe Trends That Are Gaining Steam Now

When kitten heels made their resurgence earlier this year, I made no complaint. I’m not quite sure myself what it was about them that inspired such deep-seated, instinctual revulsion among so many for so long—or what brought about their definite return. In any case, after seasons and seasons of sky-high stilettos (never my thing), sneakers so chunky and vertiginous that they barely qualify as sneakers, and flatform sandals I can’t look at without imagining twisting an ankle (I’ve had a few close calls), the style felt like a breath of fresh air.

Hot on the tiny heels of this (literally) down-to-earth trend comes the re-emergence of flats. And not just boring old basic flats—I’m talking seriously fun, seriously stylish iterations even a dyed-in-the-wool maximalist like myself can appreciate. I might be the only person who walks in L.A., but I know my NYC friends will appreciate the four fashionable yet functional flat-shoe trends I’ve rounded up below. Think “ugly” sandals that aren’t ugly at all as well as directional ballet flats that won’t remind you of sophomore year.


I’ve sworn by Dr. Martens for years, thanks to how long each pair lasts (hello, cost per wear), and I’m pretty sure I’m ready to pull the trigger on this super on-trend vegan-leather snakeskin-print pair.

One of the delightfully OTT designer options I’ve seen floating around Instagram.

In case your winter wardrobe could use some brightening up…

“Ugly” sandals meet the logo-print trend. Stylish mayhem ensues.


Basic black, yes, but look at that deep-V vamp and that intricate stitching. (As if you’d expect anything less from Acne Studios.)

Metallic, glittery, Mary Jane–style ballet flats are about as fun as they come.

Textured, ’70s-floral ballet flats with an attached metal anklet? It shouldn’t work, but it definitely does.

Cow print is easily my favorite of all the animal prints on offer this season.

Not sure I can adequately explain my love for these crocheted flats.


I’m about to wear these cherry-red beauties into the ground.

Millennial Pink has clearly been rightfully replaced by cerise.

Another affordable way to get in on the trend.


Will it match with everything I own? Probably not. And that’s kind of the point.

Because I know y’all love astrology. And the desert.

Pared-back animal prints are fine by me.

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