11 Pairs of Flats French Girls Are Buying Right Now

It's no secret that finding a pair of flat shoes that make you feel equal parts polished and stylish is difficult. Although flats have often been given a bad rap for being not as complementary to your natural leg line as heels and, apparently, get "laughed at" by podiatrists, that has never stopped fashion girls from locating the pairs that make it all worth it. Since the hunt can be tiresome, though, we reached out to some of the most stylish women we know—French girls—for their opinions on the best flats for fall and winter.

We must warn you that the women ahead have particularly excellent taste, so prepare to want to purchase everything and anything they recommend. Thankfully, their selection below includes a variety of the best flat shoe styles, ranging from ballerinas to boots, meaning there's sure to be a flat shoe trend here that fits right in with your style aesthetic. Ready to shop the best flat shoes according to French girls? We thought so.

Chloé Harrouche

"My favorites flats shoes that I always wear this fall are my Chanel knee-high boots! I love them."

"I just could wear them with leggings and a big cozy and comfy sweater. It's like I am actually in pajamas, but the boots make it all work."

Géraldine Boublil

"Well, right now my favorite flats are these Diors from the Cruise 2018 current collection."

"I love wearing them with the total Dior look, with a gorgeous tulle skirt for a modern ballerina look."

"But I also like to complement the Loewe preppy look by adding a feminine twist to it with the flats. Not to mention these are the comfiest."

AnneLaure Mais Moreau

"These are the perfect easy shoes to wear to look chic. I love to wear them with jeans. Even if you are casual, you look dressed up."

"Ballerina flats can be a little boring. hesTe ones have the perfect twist!"

Claire Most

"I would say a pair of white Nikes. They are easy to wear and go with everything." 

"The style was everywhere when I was a kid, and that's actually one of the first pairs I had. (My big brother had them, and I wanted the exactly the same.)"

"I also love chunky shoes at the moment. First, because it makes you look way taller than you are without having to wear heels, and second because it gives you an edgy look instantaneously."

Ellie Delphine

"I love these because the bow design is unusual, and in yellow, they are an instant eye-catcher."

Sarah Nait

"I am really into my pair of vintage Gucci loafers at the moment. They're both elegant and comfortable and look really chic with classic knitwear and black trousers." 

"I also love my trusty black boots. I've found flat shoes more attractive when the design is inspired by menswear."

Christina Caradona

"I have two brands I wear on rotation: Sara Flint and Anne Thomas. I'm so obsessed with the quality, and their styles are unique! Anything I'm wearing becomes instantly chicer."

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