The 7 Heel Trends a Podiatrist Loves and Loathes

It's no secret that heels are hardly the best shoes for our feet. Between the plethora of research to back up the claim or, you know, your own personal experience with a pair of heels causing your feet some major discomfort, we've come to terms with the notion that pain equals beauty—or in this case, fashion. But why should that be the default for so many of us?

The fact is, heels will always have a place in fashion girls' closets because, well, they're always a stylish, timeless option. Even though heels may get a bad rep for destroying our feet, it's still unlikely we'll be throwing away every pair we own that happens to have a heel higher than one inch any time soon.

Instead, we did some investigating and found out which of the current heel trends on offer are more or less okay for our feet. Think of these heel trends as happy mediums—they'll add that bit of height without killing your feet.

Podiatrist and Gotham Footcare founder Miguel Cunha weighed in on the seven top heel trends of the moment, sharing which he'd be overjoyed to see you wear—and which he advises avoiding like the plague. From modern architectural heels to buzzy '90s-inspired "floss" sandals, the doctor shared his unfiltered thoughts on the matter. Keep reading to discover and shop the best (and consequently, the worst) heel styles for feet.

PSA: My podiatrist also shared his unfiltered thoughts on the best and worst sneaker trends for your feet.