This Parisian Wears Color 300 Days a Year—Here Are Her Top Fall Trends

I follow different Instagram accounts for different reasons: Anouk Yve for minimalist outfits, Kelly Talamas for up-and-coming brands, and Madelynn Furlong for interior inspiration. When it comes to tips on how to wear color, I go straight to Ellie, a.k.a @slipintostyle. The Paris-based influencer always wears the most joyful, vibrant outfits and isn't afraid to experiment with color. (And yes, the French backdrops certainly don't hurt, either.) Y

Her Instagram feed is an explosion of color: reds, pinks, blues, yellows, and more. You'll hardly find any black outfits on her feed, but if she does wear the classic color, it's always livened up with interesting details like fringe or ruching. In other words, her pictures are never boring. Considering her expertise, I wanted to ask Ellie about her favorite color trends for fall—scroll down to read about them and shop the hues. 

1. Canary Yellow

"I love canary yellow. It works really well if you want to accessorize with flashier colors like electric blue." —@slipintostyle 

This oversized scrunchie comes in a huge variety of fun colors. 

Between the smocking, bows, and ruffles, this might be the most perfect $30 top. 

You can never have too many tees. 

Striped tees will always be in style. 

2. Taupe

"When I’m in the mood for wearing neutrals, taupe is a great go-to. I would suggest wearing it with lots of flashy accessories like rhinestones or gold jewelry because especially with my skin tone, I don’t want to disappear into the background." —@slipintostyle 


This is a great layering piece when chilly weather eventually arrives. 

Taupe is such an underrated nail color and 

There's a reason Birkenstock sandals still sell like crazy: they're extremely comfortable and will always be cool. 

A thin cardigan is the perfect layering piece. 

3. Hot Pink 

"Hot pink is my favorite to wear any season. When everybody else is wearing black or darker colors especially in the fall-winter days, I go for pink and mix it up with any color: red, electric blue, white. It’s an instant mood-lifter." —@slipintostyle 

This H&M dress looks way more expensive than it really is.

These shorts are such a refreshing change from black versions. 

This $15 price tag is calling my name. 

Pencil skirts will always be polished. 

This is the perfect tote bag for running errands. 

4. Burnt Orange

"Burnt orange is the perfect color for fall as it reminds me of autumn leaves and it’s a staple in my fall wardrobe. I tend to avoid an all orange look and love to pair it with olive, brown or even lilac for a more unexpected pairing." —@slipintostyle 

This matching set is comfortable enough to sleep in. 

I'd wear this under an oversized button-down blouse (with the buttons undone).