22 Cute Running Shorts to Wear With Sneakers (or Slippers at Home)

I always love clothes that pull double (or triple) duty: Leggings for yoga or working from home, pajamas for sleeping or brunching, and sneakers for workouts or errands. Running shorts, in my opinion, are similarly versatile. Aside from just running, they're also ideal for cardio exercises like hiking, dancing, cycling, and aerobics. And you know what else they're good for? Doing absolutely nothing at home. 

During the sweltering summer months, I always wear shorts all day long. If you've ever been without an air conditioner at home, you know how easy it is to start sweating without ever lifting a finger—and that's exactly where the moisture-wicking fabric of running shorts comes in handy. Below, I've rounded up my favorite shorts from tried-and-true brands like Nike and Adidas, as well as other options. 

Lime green is such a cheerful color for summer. 

I love this blue-and-yellow color combo. 

Wear these for running, working from home, or going to sleep. 

It doesn't get any more classic than this. 

You can always count on Nike for well-made pieces. 

I love the longer length on these perfect black shorts.

I'll be wearing these with tall tube socks. 

It never hurts to match your shorts to your swimsuits.

Copy Emili, above, and contrast simple running shorts with a pretty blouse. 

I love the loose fit of these pretty shorts. 

Mix up your collection of bike shorts and add some colorful pieces into the mix.

Pastels are still going strong this summer. 

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